6 Reasons to Start Caring About Your Title and Meta Description Tags

January Inspirations

Good design = Good design

November Inspirations

Put your house in order: A general contractor for marketing and communications

October inspirations

6 things Weird Al can teach us about business

You gotta be sincere

It can be a polite world after all

September inspirations

One, two, three . . . what’s your message?

August inspirations

Sharing your designs with clients: Less is more

Repurposeful content strategy

July inspirations

Stand by your best work, for the rest ‘Let It Go’

Let’s get engaged and live in the Gmail inbox

June inspirations

Chewing broken bottles and effective communication

How to get the most out of the content you already have

Why your brand requires a style guide

The discipline of listen

May inspirations

Rinse that response right out of your head: Try I don’t know

TechnoService with a smile

Think you know PowerPoint? Think again—Part II

April inspirations

Think you know PowerPoint? Think again—Part I

Superlatives live dangerous lives

Lessons from a spelling bee

March inspirations

Webinar excellence: Slide forward with style

Decisions with a decided edge

February inspirations


Sign it, seal it, stamp it, send it

January inspirations

Agree to disagreement

Your top 10 favorites

Have you any coupons today? Check your phone.

Effective communication is added value

Get it right the first time, that’s the main thing

December inspirations

A Marcom Award. Again!

ShipmentHQ’s single-page website solution: On trend and on target

The single biggest problem in communication

What you don’t see

November inspirations

Why voracious readers make better designers

Quick fix: Using em dashes online

Professional integrity: It’s you at work

October inspirations

Leave room for mistakes, a good metaphor for the day

Just because I say it’s so

Designer’s roundtable: PRI’s design team weighs in on Yahoo!’s new logo

September inspirations

Work hard, work smart, work healthy

Be true to your brand: How to choose the right image for the job

Cloud hosting: Selecting the right option

More than just scraping along

August inspirations

Want to be an intern? Here's how

Social media with style: Protect your brand

The day we stopped listening

July inspirations

Email pesky as flies

What a handful of Goldfish crackers can teach about estimating time

Dale Carnegie’s first golden rule

June inspirations

Give your ALL: Client courtesy before a holiday

Anointing the roving leader

Sharpening the pencil

May inspirations

The limits to specificity

Quick fixes: Shrink a PDF file-size

Duly noted: Breaking news from Las Vegas!

The ultimate resolution

April inspirations

Three awesome notation and quality assurance tools

The four attributes of a good communicator

How to take a break and increase your productivity

March inspirations

Allow a model give you a hand

Great design does not come automatically

Three ways a good designer can learn from selling Girl Scout cookies

February inspirations

The struggle to be understood

(Of course) I can do this: The challenge of one-way communication

January inspirations

The simple written word: Why so hard?

What you don't know you don’t know

Workplace diversity: Beyond gender and race

December inspirations

The power of thank you

November inspirations

How to work when a hurricane wipes out your power, heat and Internet

Five ways to use social media that you may have overlooked

Integrity and effective communication

October inspirations

Bidding on new work? Make an idea book

Be succinct

September inspirations

Effective communication: A path to less stress and greater success

Everything you ever needed to know in one sentence

August inspirations

Don’t listen to me

The peace bridge: Tools and practices to help designers and developers work together

New-age marketing: A strategy for success

What’s the point? Let’s get to it

July inspirations

Website fonts that go beyond the basics

Preparing your Photoshop mock-ups for the big hand-off

Wireframing: The crucial first step in your new website

June inspirations

Tips for editing for yourself and others

The peace bridge: Tools and practices to help designers and developers work together

Back it up (beep . . . beep . . . )

Effective business communication through the prism of urgency, ownership and audience

May we inspire you?

Email into action

April inspirations

Fasting, writing . . . it’s all the same

Why work with an editor?

How to get better at pretty much everything

March inspirations

What are you driving at? Lessons for successful communication

Communicating with specificity: Not soon, now

Seven ways to avoid the anger trap

Think big and start small

Things we love in February

The cost-benefit of being polite

No knead for great bread and innovation

Creating custom QR codes for designers

January inspirations

Friend me: The ongoing relevance of Dale Carnegie

Our five most popular posts of 2011

Have you (been) heard?

December inspirations

A better bottom line through words

Spam Filters: Making Friends Out of Enemies

How to make web-based designs work in print

What’s inspiring us this November

On progress, change and its enemies

The pros and cons of open source: A dot-net example

Landline . . . what’s that?

From me to you: Communicate with greater impact

10 steps to digging deep into a client’s world

New and cool for October

Wow, now that’s customer service

Using eye contact to validate business—and personal—connections

See you in September

Your computer WILL crash and burn: Be prepared

It’s non-verbal, but I can hear you

Listen, it’s exigent

What’s moving us in August

Don’t jump to conclusions, reach for the answer

How to write—and read—a sentence

Scan me: A 2D barcode primer

Inspiration day

I’m still standing

Say no more . . . pause

Please love me! The pitfalls of getting everybody on your side

A mad scientist’s dream: Gmail Labs

PRI gets inspired in June

Urgent communications

Trademarking: How important is your stuff?

Social media—All together now

May we inspire you?

How matters of character affect your business decisions

This is not my Louis XIV Twitter account: Privacy redefined

Calling all curls: Be smart about quotation marks

Inspiring April

The continued relevance of email marketing

Now you know: It’s sneak PEEK, people

Emails, employers, privacy and attorney-client privilege

I’ll be back: Taking leave as a professional

March inspirations

CMS: Not just a minor angel

You might be procrastinating right now

It’s so easy! Share your screen using Skype

Feeling the love in February

Litigation and social media

Social media cephalgia (a.k.a. headaches)

Video: Creating and uploading custom Twitter backgrounds

Getting inspired in the new year

Video: Link your blog’s RSS feed to Facebook

Long distance collaboration: Our top favorite tools

Top tips for work-at-home success

Social media: Who said what?(!)

The things we’re loving in December

Practicing ‘safe send’: How to ensure you’re receiving those important emails

Booking business travel online: Avoid those sneaky extras

Video: An easy-to-follow tutorial on custom Facebook pages

Five brainstorming tools that may just inspire you

Obsessions for the month of November

On communication: Mr. and Ms. Sender

Why your company needs a Facebook page

Getting stylish with mouse alternatives

‘Falling’ in love with the things we find

The more you lower your eyes, the more they lower their impressions: Be smart about your phone

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

Businesses answer the question: What do you do?

I’m the reason you must have a style guide

What everyone ought to know about color printing from computer documents

Why we changed our URL to PRIWorks.com

Turning moving madness into maximized organization: Five keys to success

Improve communication with your designer and get results

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