January inspirations

by PRITeam

It’s going to be an inspiring year full of unexpected delight. We can tell. Join us and let us know what you’ve found to be inspirational too.

allyson inspiration I’ve long been a fan of NPR’s super-smart economics podcast Planet Money, which breaks down complicated financial issues into interesting and digestible bites. Their “Giant Pool of Money” podcast that ran on This American Life is a must-hear for anyone wanting to understand the 2008 financial crisis. And because I do lots of product development with MUTTScomics.com—including sourcing, design, and production management—their recent stories on how their Planet Money t-shirts got made were particularly fascinating. They even have a microsite devoted to the topic, with videos. Worth a watch if you ever wonder where the things you own really come from.
dany inspiration I had a stroke of insight over the holidays and ordered groceries to be delivered in Bakersfield, California, for my sister and her family. Wow, why didn’t I ever think of that before? It’s perfect for some of the people on our list, so next year, I’ll remember that.
elena inspiration The evocative and inspiring Linda Ronstadt autobiography, Simple Dreams, was released on the heels of her announcement of Parkinson’s disease, ending her singing career, and making the story even more poignant. She has a true gift for storytelling. If you’ve ever loved her voice and her gift of musical interpretation, do yourself a favor and read her story. Until then, revel in this rendition of “Heart Like a Wheel” (and have a tissue ready).
frank inspiration The image of beauty and composure in spite of adversity. The Reuters Full Focus blog publishes top photo’s on a weekly basis.
kevin inspiration The Dell “Beginnings” video is a testament to how something so big can start so small. It pays tribute to startup companies and businesses suggestively founded on a Dell. It also includes Dell’s own humble beginnings in dorm room #2713 back in 1984 at the University of Texas.
nichole inspiration I love music’s power to trigger our memories. When I prepared to watch the updated, live version of The Sound of Music on television, starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. However, every single song brought vivid memories of my childhood; listening to, and watching the original movie during the holidays. What an uplifting feeling to remember all those good times. Another one that brings back a flood of memories is watching the original Babes in Toyland! It plays every Thanksgiving.
rebecca inspiration POW (Protect Our Winters) educates and initiates community-based projects to fight global climate change. POW is lead by the winter sports community to help save winter, a season that doesn’t just provide us with fun winter sports like snowboarding, but with over 600,000 snow-based recreation jobs for people in the United States alone.
sara inspiration It’s official. The 2014 season of the FIRST Robotics Competition has started. This year’s game is called Aerial Assist, and robots have to score yoga balls into goals that are seven feet off the ground, and collaborate with their partners for bonus points. Watch the three-minute gameplay animation for all of the details. The FIRST Robotics Competition always inspires me because high school teams all around the world create amazing, fully functional robots in just six weeks. When was the last time you started, tested, and finished a project in only six weeks? I can’t wait to see what my team creates!
tripura inspiration In a handicraft exhibition I came across amazing antique wooden furniture which made me want to buy everything for sale!! Since I can not, I satisfied myself with buying an antique wooden magazine rack.
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