March inspirations

by PRITeam

This month we're inspired by children, our greatest resource; innovation; what's cooking; and more. What's inspiring you today?

allyson inspiration I'm totally impressed by Kickstarter’s milestone of $1 billion dollars donated by over 5.7 million people! I’ve personally contributed to a few projects, and I love the concept of regular people helping each other do the impossible with $5 and $10 dollar donations. The web at it’s very best!
dany inspiration Been reading a lot about the culture changes in business these days. A real trend is emerging, and it is a welcome sign for anyone interested in creativity. I like this one from Fast Company, “5 Rules for a Creative Culture”: 1) Avoid rules, 2) Give yourself and your team permission to be creative, 3) Hire weird people, 4) Make meetings less about delegation and task management and more about cross-pollination of ideas (especially the weird ideas), and 5) Structure your company to be flexible. (Check out the full article though, there’s more to each of these than you see here!)
elena inspiration I am constantly inspired by my twins, Angela and Peter, who turn 10 this week! They’ve inspired me for the past decade with their wit, humor, and boundless love and energy. One thing I marvel at is the fact that their very lives are a miracle. They were born 2 months early and spent most of that time in the neonatal ICU. We were told that, had they been born in the 90s, they most likely would not have survived. When they did get to come home, it was with monitors, medications, and therapy to make sure they progressed to the level of their non-preemie peers. Today, they are brave, proud, talented, artistic, and have a set of curls like their mama! I frequently say that God meant their lives for something special. I can’t wait to see the beautiful people they grow to become.
frank inspiration Enjoy stats? I am limited to the backs of baseball cards, so I love when I find stats I can understand. Check out “Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes—the Joy of Stats,” from BBC Four.
nichole inspiration Cooking, baking, and creating, oh my! During the winter months I always feel better when I’m creating something in the kitchen. Especially when it’s something mouth watering and healthy. Recent creations have been steamed kale and onions drizzled with a zesty lemon mediterranean marinade accompanied by blackened chicken with a green olive tapenade. And don’t forget dessert. Nothing like old fashioned drop cakes with anise and cranberries. Now that will chase away those winter doldrums!
rebecca inspiration Every year SXSW rolls around and every year I wish I was back in Austin soaking up all the festivities! Even though I am not there, I will be tapping into the fun with podcasts and Twitter feeds. Maybe next year I can get down there, but this year it will just have to remain my inspiration.
tripura inspiration These days, whatever I pick or want to pick is pink. I am excited to buy pretty things for my newborn daughter. So, of course, it’s pink for our princess.
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