April inspirations

by PRITeam

Each month we share the things that make our spirits soar from the heart to the arts.
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allyson Tilt-shift effects aren’t new, but this video of aerial shots of Rio de Janeiro is so beautiful and watchable. I could play this over and over. The parade is magical.
dany inspiration Olga Kotelko kicks … ! You may have heard about her. A new book, What Makes Olga Run: The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives, by Bruce Grierson, released in January of this year, and as a result, she’s been appearing in the media (see this from the Today Show, or read about her in the New York Times). Why Olga? She’s a 94-year-old Canadian track and field athlete with 23 world records (17 of them in her current age category), and she started training at age 77. Ever since I got wind of her, I’ve been soaking up her story as I deal with my parents’ issues with aging, as well as my—and everyone’s—“someday.” But, as the saying goes, being old is better than the alternative!
elena inspiration Sir Terry Pratchett is pretty much a genius. If you are a fan of Douglas Adams and Mark Twain, you’ll enjoy his work—silly and irreverent, but thought-provoking all the same. I’ve been making good use of my Overdrive account, and have been thoroughly enjoying all of the Discworld books my local libraries didn’t carry. As of this month, there are now 40! Looking for a place to start? I began with Equal Rites, which gives a good introduction to the mechanics of Discworld, Unseen University, and one of my favorite characters, Granny Weatherwax.
frank inspiration Do you remember Evelyn Wood? Yes? No, no, no. Not the girl you slow-danced with in junior high school, I’m talking about the speed reading course. Words in chunks. Fingers scanning the page. That’s all over now. Come on Evelyn, let’s take a Spritz!
matt inspiration It’s not everyone who would want to give something back on their birthday, but geek-icon Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) does just that. For the past two years, for his birthday, he has teamed up with Charity: Water to get his fans and his two-million-plus Twitter followers to donate to this “non-profit organization [that is] on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.” One lucky person who donates will even win a lunch or dinner date with Nathan (airfare + accommodations included!). Check out his page for more information and see how you can get involved.
nichole inspiration Crocus's coming out of the ground is a sure sign spring is on its way! Every year we look for that little bulb to burst through the ground in glorious pink, purple, or yellow. There still might be a chill in the air but just seeing those little bursts of color puts some pep back into our step knowing warmer weather is on the way!
rebecca inspiration Front end web dev celebrity, Chris Coyier, recently had his website, CSS Tricks hacked. Instead of freaking out, well, maybe after freaking out, he used Skype to interview the dude that hacked him to learn his motivation and techniques!! So super-interesting and insightful.
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