How to get the most out of the content you already have

article_contentPurpose and repurpose. In public speaking, you want to perfect one great presentation, and get in front of as many new audiences as possible. The same can be said of online content. In order to maintain a steady flow of high-value content you can often rework existing content to suit different communication channels, including your website, blogs, and social media.

A case-in-point is the completion of a news article for the Share and Care Foundation. The article/press release we helped create for them covered a star-studded event promoting their new Inspiring Change/Women Empowerment program to newspapers in the United States and India. Once delivered to the news media, the information was repurposed as a new page on their website, including a video of the event and a call to action to support the cause.

Basically, you want to make your content available where your audience can find it. In order to repurpose content, one way is to locate your evergreen content that you haven’t tapped yet for other channels. Also, keep an eye on your site analytics and reuse/repurpose content that stays at the top of the rankings, or reappears over time. From there you have several options on building onto your current content:

  1. Pull From Top 10s (aka “listicles”): If you have any previous top 10 lists, for example, pull one or more of those 10 items out and turn it into its own new piece of content.
  2. New and Improved: Update outdated information in a previous article and present it as a newly updated piece on that topic.
  3. Create Slideshows: Take images from a presentation, or turn statistics into graphics, and make a slideshow out of it (and can be posted to SlideShare).
  4. Spread it Around: Repost content previously only on one outlet and present on others (social media, blog, etc.).
  5. Present as a Series: Create a series of posts from one longer piece. A how-to can be turned into “lessons,” for example.
  6. eBook It: Turn a whole library into an eBook, or a series of smaller eBooks.
  7. Guest Blogging: Use a current piece of content and use it elsewhere as a guest writer or guest blogger. Each time, link back to your own article, creating more opportunities to be read.
  8. Add Sound: Create a podcast, either from sound files you already have (webinars, etc.), or create them using current content.
  9. Indexing: Create a blog post or article that indexes other articles within a certain category, and present it as a comprehensive list for information on that topic.
  10. Excerpt: Republish one smaller portion of a larger, previous piece of content.

The tactics for repurposing your content will depend on what you have available, your industry, and of course your resources, but by using your imagination and trusting in the content you’ve already created, you can get a lot more mileage out of your content than you may have previously realized.

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