June inspirations

by PRITeam

Our inspirations come from personal history, individual actions, the sun and more. Take a look and let us know from where your inspirations have come.

dany inspiration My grandfather inspires me. I was Skyping with my co-worker Kevin while he was in the Philippines, and pointed out that my grandfather had been born there . . . long story short, Kevin pointed out a press photo of my grandfather from 1957 for sale on eBay and I bought it. My grandfather, Brig. General George B. Dany (yes, his last name is my first name) died September 22, 2002, and in the 1950s he commanded Operation Safe Haven, the Hungarian refugee relocation operation. There's more, which I made sure to add to Wikipedia (my first contribution there!). President Eisenhower described this operation as “the greatest Humanitarian airlift in history.”
elena inspiration All the talk at our house lately has been about HabitRPG (thanks Rebecca!) and the crazy amount of motivation it’s given my kids. Reminiscent of ChoreWars but more individual and focused on building good habits. My twins are begging for chores to do so they can level up more quickly—my son actually scrubbed out the tub this week!
frank inspiration Ditto. Double ditto. Triple ditto. I’m inspired by Dany’s story. By Dany’s grandfather. By Kevin for his search and find. By humanitarian action in the face of death. And by the strength of families and individuals, all once and future refugees. (And, a dose of eBay inspiration, the global collective collection.)
kevin inspiration Inspired by the Philippines, its history and its culture.Photo source: National Museum of the Philippines
nichole inspiration The power of the sun is amazing. We installed an outdoor solar shower at our shore home in New Jersey. Not only do I enjoy the decorative beauty, but it works incredibly well. It’s astounding how much can be done with a simple garden hose and the warmth from the sun. I am inspired to encourage everyone to take small steps in using some source of alternative energy.
rebecca inspiration 31 countries will compete in 64 matches in 12 cities in Brazil = the 100% awesome 20th FIFA World Cup happening June 12 through July 13.
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