July inspirations

by PRITeam

We're celebrating summer with good books, good deeds, and as always, good ideas! What's keeping you inspired these days? Please feel free to share with us!

matt Most people like to spend their 4th of July weekend relaxing, enjoying a cold beverage and watching fireworks, but not St. Louis Blues captain, David Backes. Helping out the Starkey Hearing Foundation, he travelled to Kenya to help "give the gift of hearing." The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids around the world to people who may not be able to afford them otherwise and annually gives out more than 100,000. Here is David with some of his patients.
elena I was thrilled to see that the new Thursday Next novel from Jasper Fforde has come out, and in return the first five novels have been re-released in a new collection, ripe for re-reading. Fforde’s novels are witty, adventurous, and above all, loaded with literary references that could only come from a true book enthusiast. I’d recommend starting with the first novel, The Eyre Affair, in which Agent Thursday Next may or may not save the world, hobnob with time travelers, and accidentally change the ending of a classic.
rebecca Craft is a CMS for folks who like to take their time and do things right, building out their HTML, CSS, and JS by hand. This is not a site builder or some sort of design tool. There are no themes, and you won’t find any flashy UI tools full of sliders and other gadgets that will help you "design" your website in minutes.
frank I love everything about this. A functional use for the spring in my old ball point pen. The power of coils. And don’t you love that somebody out there who experienced the same irritating problem as I, found a solution and shared it with the world. It just has to work, doesn’t it?
nichole Learning through the eyes of a child. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a technically savvy person. Wanting to learn some of the skills of my co-workers I recently purchased a book, Help Your Kids With Computer Coding by DK London Publishers. It utilizes a step-by-step visual guide from everything to binary code to building games. I’ve just started it and for a novice it’s quite helpful in understanding the unique dialect used by programmers, coders, designers, etc.
tripura Baking!! I recently joined an online group for home bakers and discovered this awesome fondant art. I am very impressed with the magic one can do with a handful of fondant. Hoping to learn this beautiful art when I get a chance! Here is a cake made by one of the group members.
ram Google recently launched a web starter kit for inspiring developers. It includes templates and powerful tools for building multi-device web applications. The templates are optimized for responsive design and optimized performance. It also has an out of the box UX style guide. Check out more details here.
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