August inspirations

by PRITeam

The PRI team shares the people, actions, inventions, and places that are currently inspiring us.

allyson I love everything about the new Airbnb redesign, especially the full-width photos/videos at the top of the homepage that show travelers doing what they do best. So smart and well done. Others are talking about it too.
dany I'm inspired by my brother! What started as a hobby as a teenager—rebuilding his first Ford Mustang—has turned into not only a business, but a record-setting auction sale! He restored a 1970 Boss 429 KK2500 for a customer and it recently sold for a record-setting $375,000 ($340,000 + buyer’s fees)! It’s all his client’s money, but certainly tells a lot about the person who restored it: my brother Jack Brooks.
elena I just loved Jersey Boys. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, as remembered from four different points of view, is tinged with mob references and, of course, loads of wonderful music. Christopher Walken as a gentle-hearted crime boss (who dances!) is sensational, and the songs are familiar and so singable. (My sister, mom, and I held out and waited till the credits to belt out “Sherry”.) You don’t even have to be from Jersey to enjoy it!
frank Cosmologically inspired. The most detailed computer simulation of our universe starting shortly after the Big Bang.
kevin I’m inspired by a local community built by parents, for parents. It’s one of those rare apps that helps you live better as opposed to isolating you into mobile narcissism.
raman Global email: Gmail will now recognize addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters. This means Gmail users can send and receive emails from people who have these characters in their email addresses. In 2012, an organization called Internet Engineering Task Force created a new email standard that supports addresses with non-Latin and accented Latin characters. Every email provider and website that asks for an email address will have to adopt it to make it truly global.
rebecca Google’s introduction of material design is so amazing. They made the most simple online guide that really highlights the important parts. Material is the metaphor—bold, graphic, intentional—and motion provides meaning.
tripura "Friendship Day" inspired me to be more generous in spending time with friends. These days, life has taken over many things, including time with friends. I was reminded of the good old times on the friendship day, which was celebrated this month. The social media which made easier to be in touch, has also made it much harder for people to be "really" in touch. I resolved to make time and meet my friends regularly henceforth!
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