October inspirations

by PRITeam

Each month, we at PRI pause to reflect on those events, people, places, and things that have lifted our spirits and ignited our imagination.

2014-10-allyson I’ve long been a fan of filmmaker Richard Linklater. And because I’m a mom to two small boys, I couldn’t wait to see his new film Boyhood which was filmed with the same cast over twelve years, as the actors grew and aged in real time. The movie’s received rave reviews, so other’s share my inspiration. But I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie that I was still thinking about weeks later. A must see.
I’m so excited about the group Operation Christmas Child that I’m making it a service project for our religious education classes. Our students will help a child somewhere out in the world who doesn't dream of the kind of luxuries we do; we’ll each pack a shoebox full of games, clothes, and necessities for them. Reading about the creativity in packing, and needs of the children is at once inspiring and heartbreaking — kids who wished for something as simple as underwear for Christmas, or a ball, because they have nothing beyond their utmost basic needs. You can even sponsor a box online today.
The Savannah Jazz Festival takes place in parks and other establishments across the city, but the high notes continue during the ‘after hours’ sessions at Rancho Alllegre. The Cuban Restaurant becomes transformed into a jazz club, where the headliners stop in, and play alongside local talent. The nights are swinging. And through it all, the memory of Ben Tucker still beats like a blessing on the lips of all who knew him.
I am inspired by meaningful innovation. Australians create Life-Saving Water Purifiers using a chip packet and the power of the sun.
2014-10-raman Following the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge, and India's very own Rice Bucket Challenge, here is another: The Book Bucket Challenge. The Book Bucket Challenge is a drive started by One Library per Village. You have to make a list of 10 books that changed your life, and donate books to libraries or those in need. The Book Bucket Challenge is about taking it up and providing the gift of knowledge.
2014-10-dany I’m inspired by fresh berries. In the early fall it’s blackberries, but it’s already getting cold and they’re nearly gone. But we do have one last bush that’s putting out some super sweet end-of-season yumminess. Which I share with my dog Stella, of course!
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