November Inspirations

The PRI team shares the people, actions, inventions, and places that are currently inspiring us.

ally Any mom of little ones will have a hard time getting through this video without tears flowing. A good reminder that the first year of baby’s life can be trying, but also incredible. The first birthday is a milestone for the mother as much as the child. Be sure to watch with the English subtitles on.
elena I was privileged recently to get to help promote the latest videos from the Share and Care Foundation, highlighting the amazing work they’re doing both here in America and in India. I think you should watch them all, but the video highlighting their health care efforts brought tears to my eyes.
frank Go slow? I’m inspired by a Swiss firm willing to reimagine the face of time.
kevin I’m inspired by “a free online tool that helps digital nomads discover where friends and potential new friends are right now – and where they’ll be throughout the next year”.
raman I’m inspired this month by the GoPro HERO4. I had a chance to get my hands dirty on this beauty. Stunning ultra-high resolution video and high frame rates packed in this small device. With a host of features along with the GoPro App+ software looks like a stellar product. Wish to own this one day… to film something while I ParaGlide or Bungee Jump!
rebecca Simon Davidson Photography has a new series of photographs of muscle cars doing burnouts. They are so awesome as a series and the color is so amazing.
tripura It may be an old concept, but, I just found out about detox water. I am now inspired to start drinking that magic drink soon and detox myself!
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