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by PRITeam

Every month we share some of the things we're currently obsessing over. Songs we can't stop humming, a movie we're still thinking about two weeks later, the best article we've read recently, a recipe to die for. The things that make us stop in our tracks and say, Yeah!

Speared From the Lily Family 

After planting a ragged looking set of roots years earlier, Frank J. Mendelson is inspired by asparagus. The green and purple spears punctuate the still-bare garden—an early bounty born of good faith in nature.

Every Day in May Every Day in May 

Since May 2006, Elena Nazzaro has been painting and posting every year, every day of the month of May, and has taken as many people as she can with her. The idea is to "commit to create something every day in May—a painting, a drawing, a photo, a collage. Then share it." It's not too late to join the group on Flickr and post your work for this year's project. Follow Elena's progress here.

May Flowers Creating Her First Gardens 

Dany Petraska lives in a large clearing in the woods and that's all there is right now, a big clearing with a little grass and a lot of dirt and scrubby stuff. She's planting a huge vegetable garden and is also looking at starting numerous flower gardens. Dany says that she is finding all kinds of garden plans online that are perfect for a never-planted-a-flower-garden-before person! She loves that it's already set up for varying heights and zones and ongoing color throughout the spring and summer seasons. Some of her favorites: Better Homes and Gardens, Springhill Nursery, and Lewis Gardens.

Hello Spring Irreplaceable 

With Mother's Day pending, we all tend to appreciate our moms just a little bit more at this time of year. However, Nichole Chobin recently imagined the worst, when her mother's house was robbed. "It's at times like these that we must all remember that everything is replaceable . . . but mom is not. My inspiration . . . appreciate your family and enjoy life to its fullest. Things can change in an instant and we must never forget to value what is truly important to us."

Dedication Sportsmanship and Perseverance 

Matt Wenner is inspired by the National Hockey League's Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy given to the player who "best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey." In a sports world plagued by scandal, steroids, and debates about violent hits, it is refreshing to see people get recognized for positive things. This year's candidates are Ray Emery, Daymond Langkow, and Ian Laperriere. All three players have had year-long battles with injuries only to overcome them and make a positive impact on their team's push to the playoffs.

Laugh The Best Self-Prescribed Medicine 

Amidst bad movies lacking depth, global tragedy, bad news, and comedians who swear like there is no tomorrow, there's nothing like laughing to wholesome entertainment. This month Kevin Williams is inspired by comedian Mike Birbiglia who kicked off his New York tour recently and provides the best over-the-counter medicine . . . laughter.

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