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Although it may feel like Facebook and Twitter are taking over old-fashioned email, they’re actually not . . . yet. You still need all three and email still leads the pack for most users. However, more and more, who uses what is based on personality types, rather than demographics such as age and income alone. So, rather than trying to decipher where your future customers are coming from, why not start with what you already have and start crossing the lines between email (i.e., subscribers), Facebook, and Twitter?

You’re Holding a Contest
Facebook is a great place for competitions and contests. Set it up on your Facebook page and then promote it—and the resulting winners—to your subscribers in your email newsletter.

You Have Exclusive Content
If you send exclusive content to your subscribers, promote its availability via Facebook and Twitter. If they’re already following you on Facebook and/or Twitter, they’ll certainly want your exclusive subscriber-only content.

You Want to Grow Your Subscriber List
Be sure to save web versions of your email newsletter and post links to it on your Facebook page and via Twitter. Also, collect email addresses when users link to your website from Facebook or Twitter.

You Want Website Visitors to Visit You on Facebook and Twitter
Provide a clear link to your social media accounts on your home page, and you may even consider feeding your Facebook and/or Twitter posts directly on your website.

You Want to Deliver Facebook and Twitter Content to Subscribers
Be sure to add a “Like” button for Facebook, and “Follow” and "Tweet" buttons for Twitter, as well as links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, in every email newsletter. Make it part of your template.

You Want to Create Conversations
When presenting information that would benefit from feedback and/or questions from your subscribers, provide a feedback link in your newsletter and have them post their questions through Facebook.

You Have a Great Video
Post videos on Facebook (and maybe even YouTube), then send out a link via Twitter and include it in your next email newsletter.

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