Turning moving madness into maximized organization: Five keys to success

After five years at our Mount Laurel address in New Jersey, we just completed a move to a location more convenient to NYC and the Princeton Junction train station. It is one of many moves we’ve made in the past 20 years. Our past experience has been helpful in applying those keys to success that can make the move a much less arduous process than you might imagine.

When moving, be it an office or home, there are a few key items one always needs to remember to refrain from the madness associated with moving and optimizing the processes of organization.

  1. Compare movers and make sure they are bonded and insured. In today’s age it’s nice to also utilize movers that follow the “go green” strategy, i.e., they use green and/or recycled packing.
  2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Do things in the proper order: pack things you need the least first, and things you need the most last. Be sure to properly label all boxes and even color-code them in accordance with what room they are to be delivered to by the movers. Using colored paper or Post-its on the doorways and boxes keeps things simple and organized.
  3. Stay on top of any and all related renovations that may be going on. You may feel like a nudge, but being a nice nudge can get things done properly and without upsetting others. Sometimes when dealing with contractors of varying types, it’s necessary to be on hand more than one would like. But all the same, it gets the job done sooner and better.
  4. Re-use or recycle the boxes after the move. If you have utilized plastic storage bins instead of boxes they can be donated to a local shelter for storage purposes or a church/ religious affiliated association.
  5. Stay focused and don’t get stressed out. Remember that everything always works itself out in the end one way or another. What may seem like a tragedy today is only really a hiccup in the process of moving. Expect a few things/items to become “casualties of war.” In may not be fair but it’s an associated evil with the moving process.
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