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by PRITeam

Summer is winding down in Cranbury, and our autumn is gearing up to be a busy one! Our workload is chock-full of exciting projects this season. And these inspirations are fueling our creative fires. In September, we're moved by Mother Nature's beauty, music, and more.

Me and Four Lads from Liverpool 

Facing a milestone birthday this summer, Elena Nazzaro was inspired not to throw a huge party, but to learn a new instrument. A long-time fan of the guitar, she's finally trying to learn it and be able to play the myriad of Beatles’ songs she’s loved for years. While she’s working on building up her repertoire, she’s also working on building the substantial callouses required to hold down a good bar chord. She is longing for the day when she can accurately shout, “I've got blisters on my fingers!” Her best song right now is Donovan's Colours.

Child Reads to Dog 

As a longstanding proponent of the utilization of dog therapy for people, Nichole Chobin was fascinated and inspired to learn about the new turn it has taken in our very own locale! The Lewis School of Princeton, New Jersey, has institutionalized a dog therapy program. This tool, C.A.R.E. (Children and Animals Realizing Education), promotes animals’ unconditional love into the education of today’s youth via social, emotional, and academic avenues.

Just one of the many ways the therapy dogs assist is when a child has difficulty reading. A dog is brought into the classroom and the child can read aloud to the animal. The therapy dogs have a sixth-sense ability to recognize when the child is reaching the frustration point and the dog will nuzzle or lick the child’s face to give them a boost of calm and enthusiasm. “Once again, I’m amazed and awe-inspired by an animal’s will to love, help, and teach us all.”

Don’t Forget to Wave 

Frank Mendelson suggests we run through the checklist: Dunes—Check. Waves—Check. Commercial-free—Check. Plovers, sea gulls, sand pipers, terns—Check. Seals—Check. Most beautiful coastline in the world thanks to JFK creating the national seashore 50 years ago on August 7, 1961. Check. Inspired? YES!

Editor's Note: Frank went to Cape Cod last week!

Through the Eyes of Babes  

Allyson Murphy is also inspired by the natural beauty of Cape Cod’s beaches. She and her husband joined a large group of friends for their yearly visit to the Massachusetts coast over Labor Day weekend. But this year she saw everything in a new way, during 7 a.m. strolls on the beach with their six-month-old son Callum. His excitement at seeing sand, waves, and seagulls—he loved the seagulls—for the first time made the destination brand new to her.

State Fair—There's an App for That 

Matt Wenner is inspired by the way technology is going to places one might not expect—like the Minnesota State Fair. This two-week-long event at the end of summer attracts almost two million visitors yearly to the Twin Cities and includes such attractions as the state’s largest pumpkin, butter sculptures, and seed art as well as rides and amusements and just about any type of food you could ask for (on a stick). This year the fair introduces a mobile app which includes an interactive map, a “Food Finder,” and a schedule.

Become the Nap 

Kevin Williams is inspired by the art of relaxation which includes anything from napping to excerpting to doing nothing. Rowdy Kittens has a great list of 22 ways to relax. He got to enjoy 3, 7, 10, 12, 13, and 15 over the holiday weekend, and number 20, “hitting snooze,” is a daily favorite.

Hurricane Irene Takes our Covered Bridge 

Dany Petraska is inspired by the people living in the village of Bartonsville, Vermont. Many of them have lived there for most or all of their lives and their beloved Bartonsville Covered Bridge washed away during the Hurricane Irene storm on August 28. Dany’s husband grew up on that street and his father still lives there (just a few miles from where we live now). Now, the village and the state are working together to rebuild the beautiful old bridge. It was built in 1870 by Sanford Granger of Westminster, Vermont, and is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Check out the video of the bridge washing away, and Dany’s husband narrating a video of when he found a large part of the bridge nestled on the river bank.

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