Why we changed our URL to PRIWorks.com

Publishing Resources Inc. has been in business for 19 years. During this time the web has flourished, and communications have become mobile.

Many of our clients already knew us as PRI, which has long provided high-quality interactive communications. But our incorporated name Publishing Resources is misleading to others, and sounds anachronistic in a web-centric world.

We have always proclaimed that our customers get ‘The Works’ when it comes to their marketing and communications. Yes, we are experts in print. And we are top-shelf at transforming print to the web. The move from print to web requires experience, knowledge, and technological expertise. It involves an understanding of visual design, use of content, and user experience. These considerations, and more, define a successful online presence.

PRIWorks.com is our way of saying we do provide it all—The Works! Or as we’ve been known to say when we put ourselves on the line—and playfully explain it —one throat to cut. In other words, there is a benefit to having one vendor who combines the work of many.

The Works! What does it mean to you?
Let us know. We’ll collect and publish the results on our Facebook page.

Four Benefits of a One-Stop Shop

  1. Integrated communications across web, mobile, print, email, webinars, presentations, special events, advertising. The Works.
  2. Creative. We work well, play well. Companies enjoy having an outside creative voice to work with design, technology (content delivery) and the content itself. Our work will compliment your marketing and communications department, Legal, HR, sales, even IT.
  3. Vested. As your partner in achieving success, we have a vested interest. We come to know your business, and we study emerging trends, anticipate change, and provide strategic advice on the integration of new technology. We study your industry, your customers, your competitors, your regulators.
  4. Immediate. We embrace your urgency and provide expedited service.
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