New and cool for October

by PRITeam

Monthly at PRI’s The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

What if? What If? 

Elena Nazzaro’s awesomely talented friend Michelle Nelson-Smith is already known as an illustrator and pet portrait painter. Her newest venture asks the question, What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? She’s created a picture book and a set of Whatif Monster plushies, aimed at children or anyone who is young at heart. Elena says, “I am so inspired by Michelle and will be sponsoring her to get a Whatif Monster for myself!” You can sponsor Michelle and get your own Whatif Monster here. Or, hear her read from her upcoming book, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster.

Oh the water Jump Right In 

It was a field. Now it is a pond. (Hurricane Irene.) On his afternoon walk, Frank Mendelson was inspired when he saw a turtle swimming by—pretty fast—through its new adapted habitat.

Toys! Low Rider 

While shopping at a local toy store near her home, Allyson Murphy spotted these Go Cars by Kid O. With a built-in handle for little hands to grasp, they are a nice chunky weight with a smooth ride. No lights, no sounds, no batteries required. Just some good old-fashioned push-it-and-it-goes fun, but with a modern, sleek design. The little autos come in red, green, and—Allyson's favorite—blue.


Lets play! Toughing It Out 

Following along the lines of Ally's good old-fashioned fun, Nichole Chobin was reminded of what she did during Hurricane Irene as well as Hurricane Floyd years ago. During the recent hurricane, she and her neighbors got together (instead of staying glued to the tube) and played old-school board games; Monopoly, Sorry, Clue, and CONNECT FOUR! There’s no better cure-all than some good old-fashioned fun to relieve stress and worry. It’s nostalgia at its best with some good laughs thrown in too!

Baby talk Pre-Verbal 

Matt Wenner is inspired by baby sign language. When seeing his sister stop feeding her one-year-old son after he made a deliberate hand motion, it was explained that the day care that he attends was teaching him signs for basic ideas such as, I’m hungry, I’m full, and Let me down. One of the biggest frustrations with newborns is their inability to communicate, but this helps reduce stress for the entire family.

Domains The .CO Domain Extension 

Raman Nidamarthi is getting inspired this month by the new .CO domain extension. It offers an easily recognizable and global online presence for a variety of different consumers, with a searchable, flexible, secure, and reliable experience for building and branding your product. It is being seen as a strategic digital asset to engage and attract customers. Ram says, “Thanks to leading-edge technology, the .CO domain is poised to become the world’s next premier web address.”

The Wheel Exponential Growth 

Kevin Williams is inspired by “exponential accelerating change,” in relation to the increase in the rate of technological progress throughout history. The first technological advancements—sharp edges, fire, the wheel—took tens of thousands of years. By 1000 A.D., progress was faster and advancements took only a century or two. In the nineteenth century we saw more technological change than in the nine centuries preceding it. Then, in the first 20 years of the twentieth century, we saw more advancement than in all of the nineteenth century. Now, paradigm shifts occur in only a few years time. The World Wide Web did not exist at all just a decade ago.


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