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College co-eds are wakened in the night by the new arrival of pre-dawn text messages, and can’t fall back asleep. The brevity of communications is typified by the prevalence of 140-character tweet, emails, and IMs. One wonders if the power of the long-form written word has become lost. The next question is whether command of the written word is still a business asset. Select here: Y/N.

Business-writing author and coach, Jack E. Appleman, argues that the explosive power of writing can increase profit margins, and it has a direct impact on your clients and the viewpoint from which you are esteemed. “Wrong tones of writing, improper usage of words, misspellings, and other faux pas can impede even the strongest of business relationships. A few simple and key points can resolve these issues and make your case and impression a strong one.”

Write Like You Speak

If you don’t speak well, brush up . . . take a class . . . but ultimately become an influential speaker. Powerful connotations take place when you convey properly and concisely. It can set you apart from the pack.

Don’t Be Too Wordy

Just like a lengthy resume that employers do not read, the same applies for written communication.

Get to the Point, and Create a Catchy Tag-Line

A quick glimpse by the reader will determine whether to read or not to read, because that is exactly what they are thinking.

Don’t be Ordinary

Think outside the box when it comes to creative language.

Never be Condescending or Informal

This could mean the difference between being thrown away or put in the follow-up pile.

Always be Respectful

That old adage, “treat others as you would want to be treated” does carry over in the written word as well.

Invest in Writing Skills

Many of us have become lazy in our ability to write with a strong presence. Remember that English teacher that you may have once despised, revisit some of his logic and see how far it can take you.

Good writing is golden, and the golden rule is a true standard that extends across all plateaus.

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