Our five most popular posts of 2011

by PRITeam

It is “Best of" time. That’s the time when we make a list of the five top-read PRI Works Blogs, to take with you to that desert island to read for the rest of your life. We’ve listed the ones you’ve liked best. Read and enjoy.

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2d barcode printer QR code

Scan me—A 2D barcode primer
Don’t isolate your non-smartphone-carrying audience. Lots of people still carry a regular old cell phone without a camera—a “dumbphone,” as my parents call them—and won’t be able to access any of your added features.

Emails, employers, privacy and attorney-client privilege
By now—the year 2011 when email is on the verge of already becoming passé—the explanation that an employer has a presumptive right to examine all emails is a discussion typically held during the time of hire, and the question of confidentiality may be fairly well understood.

It’s so easy! Share your screen using Skype
At PRI, we’ve been devoted users of Skype for years. Did you know you can share your computer screen with Skype, too? It's a quick way to work with another individual, as you discuss a the screen. It makes for fast collaborations and shows changes, clicks, and movement in real time. Learn how to do it.

Calling all curls—Be smart about quotation marks
Anyone who calls herself a designer —or strives to be one— should know some basics of typography. If you’re not a designer, you may be asked to proof a letter, review a brochure, or make a design decision. Take your work to the next level by ensuring that you use “smart” quotes to make your work look more professional and polished.

How matters of character affect your business decisions
What must someone or some entity do to cause one to stop doing business with them? When considering corporate social responsibility, do you separate the individual and private actions of a CEO from that of the company? We faced this question when we learned about the actions of Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons.

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