January inspirations

by PRITeam

Monthly at PRI’s The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

Dany Balanced at the Core 

I’m loving my new balance pods. As I’ve written before, I have a stand-up desk and do not use a desk chair. It took a while to get used to standing for eight hours (it took a LONG while actually) but now that it’s like walking for me, I’m going the next step and adding some balance challenge to my day. They’re new to me, so we’ll see what the results are, but I’m hoping for better balance at the very least, stronger abs and core at the most.

Elena … as a Fiddle (Fit) 

I’ve joined the Rebellion! I’ve been taking better charge of my health and nutrition, and I have to credit NerdFitness with the inspiration and kicks-in-the-behind to keep me going. Using Yoda as a reference for a can-do attitude, or to speak of “leveling up” as you would in a video game as you acquire skills is a refreshing mindset on gaining life skills. As someone who is quite familiar with all things Star Wars/Tolkien/Star Trek/Indiana Jones, and who has played my share of Dungeons and Dragons and a host of video games over the years, this approach just makes sense. Have a look at Saint or Staci and tell me they’re not inspiring!

I also am loving the My Fitness Pal app that makes keeping a food diary incredibly easy. It’s free, there are no ads, and you can even scan the barcodes on foods to get the nutritional information. Get a friend to sign up for it with you, and you can help share your notes and goals with each other for an added incentive. I brought this with me to Thanksgiving dinner and had everyone asking me to calculate the nutritional value of the pies for dessert!

nichole Up, Up, Up 

I am inspired by SARK, an inspirational writer that gives women a boost whenever needed. Her writing is not only hilarious but also very poignant. She discusses how we tend to get away from the important things in life and focus too much on the minutia. This time of year it is especially important to reflect on what is really important and not get lost in the hubbub of everyday trappings.

If you are ever feeling down and need a lift, read anything from SARK and you will find yourself suddenly uplifted and laughing. It’s the best remedy for a bad day or the start of any new day. NOTE: SARK was introduced to me by fellow co-worker and friend, Elena Nazzaro. Brilliant! Thank you Elena!

Frank Ancient Discovery 

It’s inspiring all over. The Swerve by Stephen Goldblatt, on the unlikely rediscovery of author/ philosopher Lucretius by book hunter Poggio Bracciolini in the 15th century. For one thing, Lucretius believed that the world was made of atoms, and the reissue of his writing helped open the world to the Renaissance. Lucretius lived between 94 and 55 BCE, hundreds of years before Poggio set out to look for ancient texts, when Lucretius wrote “On the Nature of Things” (“De Recum Natura”).

Ally She's Got it Covered 

I’m loving Apple’s new Smart Cover for the iPad 2. Not only does it protect and clean my screen at the same time, but through the built-in magic of magnets, the cover wakes up and puts the iPad to sleep when it’s opened or closed. It also folds back on itself to make a small stand for flat viewing or a taller stand for an upright screen—which is perfect for kitchen counter recipe viewing. Leave it to Apple to not only make a great tablet, but a clever cover for it too.

Kevin Like Earth? Not Quite 

Recently NASA discovered two new planets, Kepler-20f and Kepler-20e. While the discoveries of new planets are always fascinating, the fact that Earth is the only known planet to support life is awe-inspiring. We live on prime real estate in the perfect region of the Milky Way galaxy. Our orbital neighborhood about 93 million miles from the sun keeps us unfrozen and not fried. To top it off, Earth’s magnetic fields and atmospheres provide not one, but two protective dynamic shields protecting us from meteors, lethal radiation, and others dangers of space—and it does it all while staying blue and beautiful. Sorry Keplers, like the other planets, you’ve got nothing on Earth.

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