Things we love in February

by PRITeam

Each month at PRI's The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

Elena I am totally enamored with Pinterest. For a visual person, it's heaven. It is as though you have an infinite amount of bulletin board and thumbtacks, and, you can clip and save as many images as you like for future reference. Organize them into boards, post them for others to see, or even start a collaborative board for others to pin as well. This is one site that I can honestly say I don't know how I did without it!
Nichole I am inspired by the progression of how far exercise equipment has come! With limited space you can have an elliptical, treadmill, and more. Check out these cool devices that are great to abate the winter doldrums. Cost effective, compact, and folding for storage, you can have the ultimate gym right in your own home. Add in resistance bands and a yoga routine as well and there’s nothing you can’t do! 

Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge Trainer
Sunny SF-T808M Manual Treadmill
GoFit ProGym Extreme Workout Kit

Allyson An English period-drama might not sound like your—ahem—cup of tea. But it seems everyone I know is going crazy for Donwton Abbey, a British series set in early 1900’s England. And now I'm hooked too, thanks to Netflix streaming. It’s like a juicy soap opera featuring aristocratic families upstairs, their meddling servants downstairs, and historical events like the Titanic sinking and the suffrage movement. The period costumes and details are beautiful and inspiring. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, and always entertaining.
Frank I am (still) inspired by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On MLK day, I found a YouTube broadcast of a King interview on Meet the Press dating back to 1965. Commanding and confident without the swagger or theatrics of so many of our contemporary rhetoricians, King presented a logical and moral response to the questions posed on the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. President Truman was quoted in the first question to King, “The march was silly, and can’t accomplish a darn thing, except to attract attention.” And King responded, “The march did more to dramatize the indignities and the injustices that Negro people continue to face in Alabama, and other sections of the South, more than anything else.”
Dany I love the show Fringe, on FOX, Friday nights at 9pm. I bring this up because of rumors they might cancel after this (fourth) season, but the Huffington Post is reporting in an interview with the producers, that though it’s possible, it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion. It’s so frustrating when a wonderful show with great reviews doesn’t stay on the air, you get so involved in these pretend people’s lives every week, every year! Olivia, Peter, Walter, Walternate (Walter in the parallel universe), Nina Sharp, Agent Broyles, Astrid, The Observer, I love them all.
Matt Even though I haven't seen it yet, I am inspired by the movie The Artist, a silent film that was released at the end of 2011. That’s right, in the day of extensive explosions, violence, and sex used to sell movies, director Michel Hazanavicius made a movie that is a throwback to the Hollywood film era of the 1920s which was just nominated for an Oscar for best film. While some most moviegoers will be lining up for the latest 3-D “blockbuster,” I'll be heading in to see a black & white movie featuring no dialogue for my weekend entertainment.
Kevin I’m inspired by the collective voice of Internet users and tech companies who continue to fight for our rights in the digital world. That voice was able to silence the first round of SOPA legislation, and organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation are still fighting for digital civil rights. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is now at 21,000 signatures and counting to renew an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so that consumers can continue to jailbreak their smartphones and devices without legal ramification. The exemption is set to expire February 9, 2012.
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