Fasting, writing . . . it’s all the same

Dedicated to Rich Mansfield, a genius in the body of a writing teacher.

You want to fast? OK. The secrets. For free.

Not really? You just want to learn to improve your own writing?

Both? Really?


The seven secrets to simultaneously lose weight and improve your writing:

Seven Secrets
1. Desire You’ve got to want it.
2. Discipline You’ve got to commit to it.
3. Ego You’ve got to get rid of it.
4. Temptation You can't escape it.
5. Choices You’ve got to examine them.
6. Hunger You’ve got to feel it.
7. Practice You’ve got to do it.

That’s it.

Make new habits. The length of time required is roughly equal to the length of time it’s taken you to get where you are today.

Old habits. Die. Hard.

Like old clichés.

Hard? Yes, you are in a struggle with yourself.

Your sense of entitlement for comfort is in a battle with desire, discipline, your ego, and the pain that comes with practice.

There is a reward. You’ll know it when you get it.

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