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by PRITeam

Each month at PRI's The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

Allyson This month I’m drawing inspiration from the documentary Being Elmo. It follows the life and career of Kevin Clash, the voice (and hands) behind Elmo, the red monster from Sesame Street. I loved the old photos of Jim Henson and getting a peek inside the puppet workshop. Clash’s passion and complete dedication to his craft is incredible. And I have a newfound respect for little Elmo, too.
Dany I’m inspired by the following, which I read more than three years ago and am still trying to adhere to! “This isn’t a breakthrough, it’s just a reminder. If you want to do great work, focus on one thing at a time. Finish it and move on to the next thing. It means some things aren’t going to get done as fast as some people may want. It means some people aren’t going to get your full attention for a while. But doing a bunch of crappy work, or making a bunch of poorly considered decisions just to get through the pile isn’t worth it.” (37Signals Blog.)
Elena I am inspired by the dark humor and zany creativity of Making Fiends by the über-talented Amy Winfrey (Big Bunny, Muffin Films), a cartoon that began on the web and then became a regular series on Nickelodeon. Making Fiends follows the adventures of a malevolent little girl named Vendetta (best. name. ever!) who cooks up fiends in her kitchen and terrorizes her town of Clamburg. Enter Charlotte, a relentlessly happy but clueless girl who moves in and decides Vendetta will be her very best friend. Enjoy episodes here or by searching on YouTube, and don’t miss “The Moon Song.” Tee-hee! 


Frank My latest inspiration begins with a Mojo Colorado, a sauce found in Tapas: Sensational Small Plates from Spain. According to chef Joyce Goldstein, the word “mojo” comes from mojar, which means "to dunk." 

Can't miss with ingredients that include garlic, salt, olive oil, hot paprika, and toasted cumin seeds. I find it inspiring to walk in the footsteps of master chefs. It's as if they hold your hand while you peel, chop, saute, and recreate great dishes. Later, I innovate once the basic recipe is (literally) under my belt.

Kevin I recently started research on APP development for iOS, iPhone and iPad when I came across my latest inspiration . . . Treehouse. The site offers over 700 high-quality training videos on web design, web development, and iOS development—and even offers quizzes and code challenges to test what you have learned. The challenges also allow you to earn badges to show off your achievements and progress through the Treehouse courses.
Nichole I am inspired by Inc. Magazine. It’s a great magazine, app, and website for inventive thinking and innovative ways to improve productivity. Inc. publishes information on the what’s what and the who’s who in the business world. Technology is always a key element in their shared endeavors. Check it out and see what you can glean from the site!
Raman I am inspired by Microsoft Research team's experimental project HomeOS. Or, as they call it, an “operating system” for the home. With an ever-increasing number of devices at home, being able to provide a centralized control and allow users to intuitively manage these devices is very innovative.
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