New-age marketing: A strategy for success

How can businesses thrive in the new-age era of online strategies, marketing, email blasts, and communication from all directions? Whether you are a small or large business, finding the right company to assist you is crucial. It is important to reach your target audience and showcase your company’s specific talent.

Not too long ago, a website was just a website. It is so much more today. When looking for a company to help you grow your business online, be sure their proposal includes the following scope of work, before you sign on:

  • How they plan to ensure that the site visitor can make an informed decision about your product or service.
  • All things SEO, including research on the use of keywords, tags, and links to ensure the success of your website through the various search engines, like Yahoo! and Google. SEO is sometimes broken out as a separate job or expense, but there are basic best practices that should always be incorporated into any website. Make sure those are included.
  • A content strategy, including how and who will ensure the site is kept up to date. Outline who will be responsible, how often, and how it will be updated (process, approvals, etc.). It needs to be a plan worked out between you and the firm you hire, regardless of whether they, or you in-house, will be doing the updating. We can all get excited and think we’re going to update our blog twice a day, but when reality hits, you’ll wish you’d figured this out realistically, beforehand.
  • How you will tap into social media. Creating shared interests, expertise, and developing a relationship with the customer can lead to a high level of positive feedback. Facebook, YouTube, and many other avenues used together can be an immensely powerful tool in creating an online community that, if nurtured properly, can evolve into a massive marketing endeavor that can outreach all over the world.
  • A schedule with milestones and when each phase will be completed.
  • What technology will be used, and why.
  • Their backup plan for a blackout of your site, by an act of God, a hacker, or “other.”
  • What reporting they will provide during the building phase, and once live (if they will be working with you on maintenance basis). Whether paper reports, email, conference calls, etc.

Bottom line . . . new age marketing has become good business.

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