August inspirations

by PRITeam

Each month at PRI's The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

This story about Syracuse, NY, looking to eliminate the elevated highway that currently divides its downtown caught my ear. The city is home to my alma matter, birthplace of my husband, location of our wedding, and current residence of my in-laws, so I spend a lot of time there. I love that citizens, university professors, and the government are working together to revitalize a city that’s suffered a lot of economic setbacks in recent decades, but also taking time to listen to the voices of the poor and most-affected by Interstate 81 running through their backyard.
Originally written and performed by Bob Dylan in 1967, covered by many, including Jimi Hendrix, this past Saturday, July 28, in Hartford, Conn., I saw the Allman Brothers Band, joined by Carlos Santana and other members of the band Santana, do “All Along the Watchtower” with 12-year-old Will Hetherington brought onstage to help with drums. Good stuff.
I’m so inspired this month by painter Esref Armagan. This man was born with no eyes, yet he paints things he’s never seen. He even uses PERSPECTIVE! I know plenty of sighted people who can’t do that! Scientists are studying his brain to learn more about vision and how the brain works. This man is just incredible (check out this video!).
Salt. I’m inspired by salt. Wikipedia begins with a simple declarative sentence: “Salt’s ability to preserve food was a foundation of civilization.” It’s so evocative. Celtic sea salt is gray and foggy. The Himalayan salt, flecked white and red, is said to have been crystallized more than 200 million years ago. Were there dinosaurs who walked past those ancient sea beds? The iron-oxide red Hawaiian sea salt contains Hawaiian clay, “alae” and has been used for to cleanse, purify, and bless tools and canoes.
I’m inspired by Georgetown, Guyana and their hard working fishermen. Georgetown is my birthplace. On a recent vacation I re-visited the local wharf to watch the fishing boats being unloaded. Everything from butterfish and catfish to small sharks. Even in light rain the wharf was alive and busy. After leaving for home with several bags of fresh fish, I was amazed at how much excitement I experienced . . . and it was still only 7am!, the completely revamped, free, modern email service from Microsoft. Minimalist aesthetic design and clean interface, rich social media connection, and integration with SkyDrive make it very appealing. Looks like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail need to step up their game.
Tumblr is my go-to place for image inspiration these days, and with the Olympics in full swing, it’s great to see the Olympic committee using social media to connect with its fans and athletes. For Summer 2012, they are sharing images on Tumblr of great moments, fashions, athletes, and events happening in London. Everything feeds directly into their Olympics tumblr homepage, and then branches off into more specifics; Tumblr is even cross-promoting their blog by featuring their posts in the Tumblr Radar. So far I’ve seen some great photographs of weightlifting, boxing, swimming, and more. I can’t wait to see the great award ceremony photos that I know are to come!
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