October inspirations

by PRITeam

Each month at PRI's The Works, we each share our thoughts on something new (or just new to us) that we find inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain cool.

We’ve all heard (and probably experienced) how intuitive Apple’s interface design is on the iPhone and iPad. But why do we “already know how to use it” before we even touch it? This Smashing Magazine article delves into the science of our brain functionality and why this UX (user experience) works so well. I found it fascinating.
It’s inspiring. Something in the universe that is greater and deeper than human intelligence. Interspecies connectedness.
I was inspired to learn about a new oral drug to treat MS (Multiple Sclerosis), called Aubagio. There are other treatments that can help some MS sufferers reduce symptoms and flare-ups, but no cure. Teri Garr, Annette Funicello, Anne Romney, Montel Williams, Jack Osbourne, and writer Joan Didion, to name just a few, have all revealed they have been diagnosed with MS. I mention them because it’s not always apparent when someone is suffering from this disease, as it tends to show up in recurring flare-ups which can lead over time to permanent disabilities. Whether this newest drug will make a difference, I do not know, but I continue to hope for a real cure to this frustrating and mysterious autoimmune disease.
I love comics, and this comic from xkcd takes the art form to a whole new level. Fans have surmised that all of the artwork in the bottom panel measures at least 14 feet, and the tiny attention to detail is just fantastic. As a friend cautioned, “Be careful if you are OCD, you’ll be in there for days.” But please don’t let that stop you from clicking around!
I’m inspired by people and their ideas that solve problems that I didn’t even realize I had—until I did. The Wikipedia entry for Melitta sounds pretty corporate. But behind this global business was Melitta Bentz, a former housewife who invented the paper coffee filter. Brilliant. I had some recently, black, no sugar, at Joe, in New York City’s West Village. Their website includes a blog, home brewing tips, and even classes wherem you pay money to learn to pull or pour the perfect cup. Through a paper filter.
I am inspired by the Orsos Island floating island designed by Csikos Mihaly. The environmentally friendly, man-made floating “island” comes complete with six bedrooms, 160 square meters of solar panels, wind generators, and its own desalination system, capable of converting 12,000 liters of seawater into clean drinking water. As an added bonus it bears semblance to the Millennium Falcon, though its diminutive diesel engines are only equipped for short journeys. Is there anything $6.5 million can’t buy?
I was recently inspired by an article I read about a boy and his brother who had cerebral palsy. They entered into their local triathlon in New England knowing that they wouldn’t win. But they still won my heart and many others, bringing light not only to the disease but also to how strength and unity within a family and community can truly make a difference. It reminds us that anything is possible!
I absolutely love the illustration style of Jen Adrion and Omar Noorey. Together, they make up the illustration studio These Are Things, and have done creative projects that span from fashion infographics to posters for my long-time favorite band Jack’s Mannequin. Their attention to detail and great use of gradients, vibrant colors, and textures is awe-inspiring. Not to mention, they have an awesome HTML5 website packed full of cute, creative illustrations that really give you a sense of the kind of artists they are.
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