‘Falling’ in love with the things we find

by PRITeam

Each month we’ll be sharing some of the things we’re currently obsessing over. Songs we can’t stop humming, a movie we’re still thinking about two weeks later, the best article we’ve read recently, a recipe to die for. The things that make us stop in our tracks and say “Yeah!”

Video of a Homemade Spacecraft

Some families have barbecues. Others visit national parks. This family strapped a video camera to a homemade weather balloon and launched into space over New York! These kids have some pretty cool parents. Allyson Murphy thinks the results are breathtaking.

A Spirit to Persevere

This article about canine rehabilitation ran recently in The Humane Society’s All Animals magazine. Nichole Chobin loves the message about dogs like Dagnabit regaining their strength. Having undergone physical therapy herself in recent months, she says “Reading this article definitely inspired me.”

Amazing Style, Amazing Idea

Marisa decided to spend $365 on thrift store dresses, which she remakes into a new outfit for each day of the year. Follow her chronicles on New Dress A Day. Elena Nazzaro admires both her sewing abilities and her crafty dedication. And hopes she gets a book deal out of all this great work!


PRI has a new four-footed mascot, the terrier/hound pup, Stella, rescued via Petfinder.com by Dany Petraska and her husband. Dany may be the one who gets to scratch behind her ears every day, but the rest of us love getting shots of her sweet face and big eyes in our inboxes.

“I Think There’s Just One Kind of Folks. Folks.”

After reading online that this year was the 50th anniversary of the movie To Kill A Mockingbird, Frank Mendelson was inspired to see it again. And then, to dig out the book. He says of Harper Lee’s masterpiece, “The book is so good, it continues to evoke emotions, even when you what's coming. The character of Boo, who, once he returns to his house is never to be seen again, makes one reconsider how we treat a stranger in a strange land, when that 'strange land' may be the altered landscape of a mental disability. In fact, Lee's human landscape is littered with all forms of disability, including poverty and prejudice—and challenges us to consider how we are capable of changing that landscape through acts of loving kindness, and understanding.”

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