Five ways to use social media that you may have overlooked

In the past we’ve written several posts about integrating social mediainto your marketing including: social media as a tracking tool, how to respond to negative criticism, the line between your public and private self, and an integrated marketing approach with social media combined with other conventional tools. This week, we discuss some of the low-hanging fruit—those actions that enhance your branding but require only a minimum of effort.

1. Be Memorable

Is your company’s name an acronym, that does not readily explain what you do? If you are the ABC Company (and there are a lot of businesses named “ABC”), but yours helps people at tax time, an address like ABCtaxgurus will help you stand out. Or maybe you want to build your local business presence in your community. NJtaxes might be the best name for you, even if it doesn’t actually contain your name.

2. Be Consistent

If you’re the ABC Company, and use ABCtaxgurus, try to have the same exact name for everything you do. Which is easier to remember? are ABC Co

or . . .
. . . you get the picture.

Note that this makes things MUCH simpler when you’re doing anything in print: you can’t actually click on any links! (And yes, that is stating the obvious but it’s had to be pointed out before.) You can always use a QR code to point someone to a specific landing page, but it’s a neat and elegant solution to have a nice tidy row of small icons in all the places you’re represented, with “Connect with ABCtaxgurus” (or Follow, or whatever your preferred wording is.)

3. What’s in a Name?

This one is so painfully obvious I even hate to mention it. But get out there and get your preferred usernames while you can. Even if you don’t know if you’ll ever use Google+, you will be mighty sorry if you decide to later and your carefully crafted name is taken. Especially if you follow #2 above.

Don’t be afraid to make an offer to someone who already has that name, they may be just as happy to sell it to you!

4. Spread the Word

If a bluebird tweets in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Point being—make your presence known. So please, make yourself a nice strip of icons, linking to your pages, and start using it:

  • In your email footer.
  • In the template of your company’s website or blog, so it is a part of every page.
  • At the top (or, hey, bottom is fine too) of email blasts for events, articles, or a newsletter.
  • On all the social media outlets you use. So meta! But there’s no reason not to include your Facebook name on your Twitter page. And vice versa. And so on.

In general, we encourage sharing at the top of an email, e.g., “Share this article on Facebook,” etc., when you want someone to spread the word about something in particular your company is doing.

The footer is another great place to encourage people to follow your company, e.g., “Follow us on Facebook,” “Follow us on LinkedIn,” etc.

5. Write. Write. Write.

There is no point in implementing any of these ideas if your message is not current, on target, and fresh. A media presence that is stale is worse than no presence at all.

Quick fixes for the overwhelmed:

  1. Schedule your tweets in advance.
  2. If it’s for a company with multiple contributors, have a schedule of who’s posting when, so you minimize gaps and the responsibility doesn’t fall solely on one person’s shoulders.
  3. There are multiple ways to allow your own information to automatically be repurposed: your blog posts can go to LinkedIn through and RSS feed and show up on Facebook. Your Facebook posts can feed Twitter, or vice versa. Your tweets can show up on the homepage of your site, meaning you’ll always have fresh and current content on your site. Obviously, this must be used with care or it can be overdone, but judicious use of feeds can be a real timesaver.

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