November inspirations

by PRITeam

The folks at PRI share the things each month that capture our attention and imagination. Many of us at PRI live and work at the heart of where Hurricane Sandy hit. We send our thoughts and prayers to all who felt—and continue to feel its impact.

I am inspired by the power of others. Given the recent events in the tri-state area and especially the New Jersey shore where I grew up, the power of the people and the resilience to rebuild is incredible. When people can come together in times of crisis it’s not just strong, it's Jersey Strong. The pictures of flooding and devastation don’t do the recent events justice. I have two friends that have a home on Long Beach Island, NJ. They didn’t just help me with my home and others with theirs, but they went to the local BJ’s warehouse, loaded up their truck with supplies, and brought everything to the first responders and front liners of the National Guard that are helping, safeguarding, and protecting us all. It’s times like these that really put things in perspective and make us realize all the things we are truly grateful for. We are safe, we are here, and we are going to rebuild.
The elections provided compelling pictures of great numbers of people at their respective polling booths, ready to make their voices heard. It is incredible how easily we take our basic right to vote for granted. Lost in the sound of bickering between the candidates is the power of our vote and its impact on molding this nation. It is quite amazing that every four years we elect a new president and the loser steps out of the limelight and becomes an ordinary citizen—just like us. Truly amazing and inspiring!
Malala Yousafzai has been a major inspiration in our house, not to mention the entire world. Fifteen-year-old Malala earned international acclaim for speaking out for girls barred from school by the Taliban. Last month she was shot in the head, the Pakistani Taliban is claiming responsibility. (Even just typing that sentence seems incredible to me.) A much-circulated photo of Malala quotes her as saying,

I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is an education. And I am afraid of no one.

There aren’t words enough for her bravery.


Why did the chicken turtle cross the road? And, more importantly, how did it get to the other side? Not without a little traffic-stopping help. Assistance or not, this one has a 100% track record.
While looking for free online lessons on learning Ruby I stumbled into this month’s inspiration . . . Coursera. Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. They envision a future where the top universities are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. Their technology enables the best professors to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students. With almost 200 courses and 1,808,422 Courserians, they are well on their way.
While some people may view videogames as pointless, on October 20 thousands of people played for a great cause. Gamers joined together to play for 24 hours for Extra Life—a gaming marathon in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. What started as a way to honor a young girl battling cancer has turned into an annual event which has raised more than $2 million dollars since its inception in 2008.
Web interactivity thanks to jQuery and HTML5 has gone from simple image rollovers to amazing effects that don’t weigh down the page like Flash did. Because of it, design companies everywhere are creating really incredible websites with live-rendering graphics, page sliders, and seamless browsing. My current favorite is the anniversary site for cricket player James Anderson. The typography and layout are great, but what really blows me away is watching the infographics and statistics appear as I scroll down the page. But don’t take my word for it, go check it out yourself!
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