February inspirations

by PRITeam

The folks at PRI pause to reflect each month on the things that capture our attention and imagination. Join us as we resolve, read, innovate, plant, play, and cherish.

Inspiration Image Crafty meets technology. Two of my favorite things in one creative place. NYC’s Purl Soho posted some sweet designs for these phone case cross-stitch kits. Love ’em!
Inspiration Image Reimagining commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world, Etsy provides a marketplace for budding entrepreneurs, artists, and creators to exhibit and sell their creations online.
Inspiration Image I have been inspired for the past decade by my daughter Sophia. It’s hard to believe that my firstborn turns 10 this month! At any given moment she’s studying diseases, sewing puppets and storyboarding her ideas for her own educational TV show to teach math, drawing comics, writing one of her many-chaptered stories in her well-worn notebook, or fiercely championing animal rights to anyone who will listen. I am so proud of the girl she is and am looking forward to seeing the woman she will become.
Inspiration Image This month I am inspired by collectors—namely, Collectors of Sneakers. They have been called shoe fanatics, obsessive compulsive, and even sneaker addicts, but they’re really onto something. In the past decade or so the sneaker industry has exploded in popularity with major companies unveiling a variety of limited edition sneaker styles featuring artistic mixes of color combinations, materials, and collaborative fusion. One such product is the LEBRON X NSW cork edition made distinctively out of . . . well, cork. These rare sneakers when kept in pristine condition will sell for more than 600% of their original retail value to collectors. Out with the gold and in with the cork.
Inspiration Image As a devout animal parent, animal lover, and animal activist, I am inspired by the recent legislation passed in Pennsylvania that makes animal abusers pay some of the cost of the animals that are rescued from their possession. More states need to follow, to ensure the continuation of animal protection as well as the humane education programs that cannot be funded when monies have to be put elsewhere. All of this leads to the very simplicity of humanity itself.
Inspiration Image Robots! I absolutely love, love, love robots! I mentor a high school FIRST Robotics Team in my free time, and this past month our newest annual challenge was released. My students have six weeks to design, build, and program a fully functional robot to compete in this game, and I am, as always, blown away by their creativity, determination, and drive. Some of my students have already built prototypes of shooter and climbing mechanisms, and programmed a driveable base, while others are working on essay-based award submissions, updating our website, designing our t-shirt, and so much more. It is always inspiring to see just how much they’re capable of, and how many things they learn in such a tight, impossible window. And I’m excited to see how they fare at competition next month!
Inspiration Image Step inside someone’s head. A grandmaster. Follow a championship game, move by move from games that are cataloged online or reprinted in the newspaper. A bit slow on the uptake am I. (That’s the part that’s less inspiring.) Online sources like the International Chess Club provide software for your computer or smartphone. Your move.
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