Why your company needs a Facebook page

This is a broad overview of the benefits and ways to get your Facebook page up and running. Future posts will provide greater detail about customization and promotion, because there’s a lot you can do. If your company already has a Facebook page, read on to see how to make it even better. Otherwise, let’s get started.

All the Kids Are Doing It—And More
That doesn’t mean you have to hop on the bandwagon, but if your company has anything to do with a service, a product, or (and especially) technology, you really should have a presence on Facebook. According to Facebook statistics, over 500 million people worldwide are using Facebook to stay connected.

One Page to Rule Them All
So you already have a website, a blog, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn profile. Your Facebook page can seamlessly stream content from each, making it easy to update your page to the people who don’t venture into (or know about) your other profiles. They will now. Plus, it’s one more way for your information to show up online and be shared.

Making Your Company More Accessible
Answer questions, do a little customer support, or just share a video or news with the public. You become more approachable and personable, and that always makes for better business relationships. It will take time to set up the page and maintain it, so make sure you allocate enough time to keep your information current. The rewards of more online presence with added interaction will pay off.

It’s Simple to Set Up
It might seem a little daunting at first, even if you’re well-versed with Facebook, but it’s really easy once you make some basic decisions about the way you want your company profile to appear. You’ll need to choose or set up at least one account to administer the page, although we really recommend at least two for backup. To learn more, go here and choose “Creating and Administering a Page.” Or go straight to “Create a Page.” Follow the directions to choose which type of page you’re creating, add a title, web address, and company information and you’re good to go.

It’s Simple to Customize
If you know any HTML, you can use FBML, the Facebook markup language. Some apps you might want to install:

Suppose you don’t code. You can still add your logo and any other images you feel are relevant to helping promote your business. Any time you want to make changes, go to the link beneath your image on the main page. That brings up a dashboard so you can customize your page at any time. And remember, as always, to keep your page current with fresh news and content.

Promoting Your Page
Now that your page is set up, how are you going to publicize it and get “friends”? We suggest that because this is a business venture, you won’t want to show your beginning efforts to the whole world until you’re a little more established. You can:

  • Invite your personal Facebook friends to become a friend of the page by clicking “Suggest to Friends” on the left column of your page.
  • Email your family and friends with a link to your new page.
  • Put a box on your website or blog, inviting your regular visitors to join. You’ll find the way to do this on your “Edit Page” dashboard. On the right is a link called “Promote with a Like Box.”
  • Once you have 25 friends, Facebook allows you to customize your URL. Meaning that instead of people having to remember facebook.com/pages2908729478 you can use facebook.com/YOURNAME. To do this, click here after logging in.
  • Now that you have a custom name and a strong presence, let your clients and customers know about it. Simple ways to do it are an announcement with a link in your company newsletter, or a special email announcement.

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