March inspirations

by PRITeam

Join us as we “slow down and enjoy the good moments in life.”

Inspiration Image Who knew you could find love at the dollar store? My son got this little solar powered dancing elephant as a birthday gift. He sits on our kitchen windowsill and dances his days away when the sun is shining. So simple, just so much fun. He reminds me to slow down and enjoy the good moments in life.
Inspiration Image I just received my third issue (of my 12-month subscription) from Papirmasse yesterday. Each month you receive a print with art on the front & writing on the back, on nice, thick, quality paper. Their homepage says, “Turn your mailbox into an art gallery.” What a luxury, right? Well, I can’t tell you how luxurious it is to go to your mailbox, open the envelope, and not only see —but touch and feel and turn around and upside down and backwards . . . something real in your mailbox. The Internet has brought more art to more people than ever before in history. And yet, how wonderful to experience art with all your senses! And, you’ll never guess how affordable this is, check it out.
Inspiration Image My brother turned me on to Bob’s Burgers. The timing is spot on, the kids are maniacal, and the voice actors are just perfect. I especially love the ending credits, which are different every time and feature whatever random bit of song or music that was in the episode (like the catchy but pointless “Ding Ding Song.”) If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’re going to love Bob’s Burgers!
Inspiration Image Inspired by the true digital photography (using my hands) I used to enjoy. Know what it is?
Inspiration Image For many of us it is a challenge to make a perfectly proportioned cocktail, but not with this innovation. This month I’m inspired by Party Robotics’ Bartendro. “Bartendro is a robot mixologist crafted from peristaltic pumps, Raspberry Pi, custom electronic dispenser boards, and food-grade tubing. It may simultaneously be the least-necessary and most-desirable robot in the world.” And if the perfect cocktail wasn’t enough, this cool gadget is also on Kickstarter, which always keeps me inspired.
Inspiration Image Jersey strong. Shore strong. The rebuilding efforts in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy are amazing. Everyone’s resilience, especially along the shoreline, goes beyond expression. Being one of those people affected, I stand in awe at the neighborly, positive attitudes that everyone shares, as each weekend we all gather at our collective homes and continue the rebuild process. I keep seeing bumpers stickers that say “Restore our Shore: All Exits” and “Shore Strong.” Incredible how simple bumper stickers stands for so much.
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