April inspirations

by PRITeam


Inspiration Image Polli, an Australian jewelry company, embraced the Indian spring festival of Holi on their new photoshoot. They used the traditional bright powered pigments that capture amazing mid-air stills. Thanks to one of my favorite design blogs, Design*Sponge, for the story.
Inspiration Image April is Autism Awareness Month, and I can’t think of anyone more inspiring to focus on than Carly Fleischmann. Non-verbal and severely autistic, one day Carly went to a computer and typed “Help Teeth Hurt.” It was then that her family realized that she could read and that they had a link to communicate with her. Now a teenager taking honors classes in a mainstream high school, Carly is also an outstanding spokesperson for autism awareness (and very funny too!). Her book is amazing, if you do nothing else today, watch the video of her story. It still gives me chills.
Inspiration Image Moving and boxes. And boxes. And more boxes. LifeEdited founder Graham Hill’s New York Times article “Living With a Lot Less” is a welcome, though belated, inspiration to let go of stuff.
Inspiration Image I was invited to a Jersey Meetup for startups and entrepreneurs at JuiceTank and was inspired by how much value can be gained from these local events. I’m no stranger to these but I was blown away by the value. For just $5, attendees got hours of valuable legal advice, tips, and success stories from successful entrepreneurs like Laura Ramsey-McCann (leader in the fashion tech space) and of course networking with like-minded professionals. So before spending thousands on lawyers, designers, developers, etc . . . exploit all the “freap” (free to cheap) local resources you can.
Inspiration Image Artist Jason Levesque is my monthly inspiration. His illustration perspective is so unique and beautiful. Check out his blog at stuntkid.com or on Twitter @stuntkid. Levesque’s digital illustration skills blow my mind.
Inspiration Image So your favorite TV show was cancelled before it could have a proper series finale and you really wanted to see how the story ended. Thanks to Kickstarter, you may now have that chance. The TV show Veronica Mars lasted three seasons but was cancelled in 2007 due to declining ratings despite its rabid fan-base. Show creator Rob Thomas created a Kickstarter project to help fund a movie version of his show with the goal of raising $2 million in 30 days. He got that amount in 10 hours. This is just one example, but this could mean good things for fans of other cancelled-before-their-time TV shows such as Firefly and Deadwood.
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