Duly noted: Breaking news from Las Vegas!


Uh oh. What happens in Las Vegas . . . gets written up in a blog post? Quick. Someone call legal!

PRI returned last week from the Legal Marketing Association’s 2013 annual conference. We introduced ourselves to legal marketing professionals from across the country.

Our notes:

  1. The action items on the to-do lists of marketing and communications professionals is not limited to the legal industry. Marketing directors were looking for creative, and it didn't matter if our current clients were in the legal industry or not (which some are!).
  2. Testing, metrics, and measurement of marketing initiatives is more important than ever.
  3. An integrated approach helps leverage tight budgets and protect a firm’s brand with clear and consistent messaging across public relations, sales, marketing, and human resources.

We heard from our marketing colleagues about the need for editorial content, and the importance of social media. The obvious tension within a law firm is a function of time and billable hours. Attorneys are the final word, but the challenge to get a partner to put pen to paper, is ongoing.

There was a lot more. We took our own notes, and we handed out PRI branded notebooks, which everyone seemed to treasure.

There is a lot of talent among our colleagues, both in-house and the firms that serve them. We love being part of this vital community!

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