Quick fixes: Shrink a PDF file-size

Welcome to Quick Fixes, where we share tips about working faster, smarter, and better. Today’s quick fix: Making a cumbersome PDF smaller without touching the source file.

Recently I had to scan in a document to share over email. It needed to be readable and it was quite text- and table-heavy, so I scanned it in grayscale. The original file was 11 pages and weighed in at over 11 MB. It wasn’t even at a high resolution, just 150 dpi—good enough to read on screen and print out, but nothing to write home about. I didn’t have the original file, it was getting late, and I really didn’t want to try noodling with my scanner settings and do it all over again.

Enter Adobe Acrobat.

      1. Open your big document
      2. Locate File/Save As/Reduced Size PDF
      3. Choose “Acrobat 10.0 and later”
      4. Click “OK”


      1. Save
      2. Pop that reduced-file size PDF into your email and hit send.
Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Pro.Time Spent: About 60 seconds.

Annoyance Factor: None. Quick and painless.

Outcome: The file looks exactly the same! And I know that the recipient has the generic Acrobat
Reader and she had absolutely no trouble reading the file at all.

Have you tried this tip? Do you have a good tip to share? We’d love to hear about it!

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