May inspirations

by PRITeam


allyson The coming of spring has me very excited about what’s coming to life in my garden. It’s been a delight to see forsythia bushes flowering, tulips popping up, and roses budding. Most exciting has been the hostas, which seem like they grow an inch every night.
dany I just happened to be reading something and there was a passing mention of “stealing home base” and “Jackie Robinson,” written as if I (the reader) knew what that was all about. But all I’m thinking is: you can steal home base? So, I googled it, and yes, the “daring maneuver” is real! From there, I of course had to watch all the other videos about Mr. Robinson.
elena I am tremendously inspired by my brother Tony LaRocca's first published book, False Idols and Other Short Stories. I've read an awful lot of science fiction and fantasy in my time, including some of “The Year's Best” short story collections. There are stories in False Idols that would fit right in there. They’re funny, insightful, and most importantly, a darn good read. Seriously, how can you pass up on a book featuring an army of demonic chickens?
frank A bird amongst the blossoms. I saw it, and I walked over, and I took it.
kevin Have you heard the saying “TV is dead?” After a weekend in Boston attending the 2013 TVnext Hack in Boston, Mass., many would argue otherwise. Developers are securing the future of television with innovative applications made for your TV, and even for your mobile smartphones and tablets in what’s now called the second screen experience. Applications such as Viggle and Zeebox are allowing TV viewers to interact with their favorite shows and fans like never before. Viggle even allows you to gain points for checking into the shows you are watching and redeeming those points for real-world products and services. Keep watching … TV lives.
matt In the NHL, putting away the razors and growing a beard for your team’s playoff run is a time-honored tradition, but for the past few years it has taken on more significance than a crazy hockey superstition with an annual Beard-A-Thon. That is exactly what it sounds like and you can pledge money for your favorite players, or grow your own and get friends and family to pledge for you. Proceeds for this will benefit Hockey Fights Cancer that to date has raised more than $12 million and raised awareness for national and local organizations involved in cancer care and research.
nichole The power of viral video. It can change the world, a business, and your life, in seconds. This hilarious video changed the scope of a business in just a few hours. It’s amazing what a sense of humor and ingenuity can do!
rebecca It takes a certain kind of athlete to compete in the Spartan Race. These races include running 3–12+ miles and completing 15–25+ insane obstacles along the way. I have never ran a Spartan race, but I would love to make it one of my goals in the future.
sara Parallax scrolling—it sounds complicated, but it’s really, really awesome. The short version is that (on websites) it uses multiple backgrounds to simulate movement in faux 3D space. Here's just one of many examples. My personal favorite, however, is by those famous guys at We Are Mighty (Jason Santa Maria, Frank Chimero, etc.)—Lost World’s Fairs.
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