Give your ALL: Client courtesy before a holiday

blog-holidayFor any company, especially those that take pride in providing the utmost in client services, it is essential to extend the simple courtesies one would expect for themselves.

Prior to closing for a holiday, whether you’re closing early for a long weekend, or for several days, companies should always make sure to notify their clients. When deciding when to send out the notice, leave yourself ample time to to accommodate the clients’ needs before the holiday.

Go ALL the way:

  • Alert all your clients about office closing dates, not just those with pending projects.
  • Leave yourself and your clients plenty of time to finish up any projects before the office closes.
  • Launch out-of-office messages (voicemail, email, etc.) for all employees—including what the caller should do in the case of an emergency.

Providing your ALL is essentially a simple task, but the ultimate reward for extending a simple courtesy: happy clients.

Posted by Nichole Chobin | Best Practices, Business, About Us, Communications | Comments 1 |
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