June inspirations

by PRITeam

The PRI team is inspired this month by freedom...and more. We've been taken by the freedom of architectural design, writing on freedom from slavery, freedom from the constraints of chronic disease, and much more. Tell us what inspires you!

allyson I love when technology helps me make smart decisions. And I love the fact-based information that Environmental Working Group provides to consumers who want to make informed purchases. Recently I’ve been using their Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide and the Dirty Dozen app — for choosing the cleanest produce — while I stand in the store deciding what to buy. Both are free and incredibly helpful.
elena I am so amazed by Commander Chris Hadfield’s brilliant video of “Space Oddity”, recorded in space. From the International Space Station, no less. It’s breathtaking. Even David Bowie thinks so!
frank I am living in the South, in a house built in 1896. Jim Crow is history, but not forgotten. A visitor came by last week who was one of 7 boys and 2 girls, children who grew up in the house. Terrance recalled the outhouse, located in the courtyard, built for the African American housekeeper. I just read the autobiography, The Narrative of Frederick Douglass (1845) published in Massachusetts where he had escaped to from slavery. It is a highly literate, sometimes poetic telling, by one who was nearly self-taught at reading and writing. The violence of the pre-Civil War South he describes makes Quentin Tarantino’s movie Django Unchained seem tame in comparison. Douglas’s grace and spirit are inspiring still. At the conclusion, he offers a criticism of the underground railroad. Read it to find out why.
kevin When life gives you figurative lemons, make . . . throw them out and get some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The 30+ year old company recently announced they will stop using genetically-modified ingredients which translates to “eat more ice cream.” My favorite of their better than 75 flavors is “Half Baked” which includes chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and brownies.
nicole If a chronic disease can become an asset, I am inspired each and every day. Although I have Multiple Sclerosis, other diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, and Autism mean that you must adjust to accommodate your future. A German software company, SAP, is using autism in a very special way. Being ill doesn’t have to be a disability but a stepping stone into something greater! The use of autistic employees, “...to focus sharply on tasks that require attention to detail, such as software testing, computer programming and data testing...” is giving a loud call to the world that being ill doesn’t mean giving up. How inspiring is that!!! Read More Here
rebecca The Cotton Bureau provides users with an interesting way to get their new designs silkscreened onto tshirts. This new site by the makers of United Pixel Workers allows you to easily get your simple graphic t shirt designs printed onto high quality material, if enough of your design is ordered before they print it. They’re targeting designers and art minded folks to contribute designs now before the site is fully developed, so check it out.
sara Fallingwater is one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, but after seeing it in person, that phrase doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing and breathtaking it is. As someone who enjoys linear design, the logical aspect of information architecture, and of course the more general “how things work,” this masterpiece had me floored! The way it’s built into the side of a mountain, the way the waterfall cascades so perfectly along the bottom of the house is impressive to say the least (and I haven’t even described the interior!). I would recommend that anyone who has a chance to see it, go!
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