Email pesky as flies

blog-peskyPesky, distracting, and they keep coming. Swatting flies? No, it’s email. Some junk. And some of it, truth-be-known, is my own doing. I’ll see something that interests me and click the subscribe button, only to collect dozens, if not hundreds of emails that follow a path to my inbox. And there they collect. Unread. I decided it was time to go backwards.

So, in the past three weeks, I’ve taken to the unsubscribe button. I’ve been picking them off, one by one. Some of these un-subscriptions are said to take 2-3 weeks because the emails are in a queue, scheduled in advance. Must be true, because some keep coming. Others, well, I’m not sure how they got my name, and under what circumstances they will really delete me; but the overall results are noticeable. My inbox is leaner, and the distractions fewer.

The process makes one question the value of the content others send, and the value of what we ourselves are sending. We want to be heard, not because of volume of our correspondence, but in spite of it.

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