August inspirations

by PRITeam

For the month of August we're inspired by U2, reverse osmosis coffee, cleaning old rugs, behind-kicking workouts, Savannah history, summertime, headache-free 3D, a cool new mag, Gmail labs, singularity (put your thinking cap on for this one!), more female engineers (please!), and the Shiva Trilogy.

allyson It’s been out for a while, but I just heard Elbow’s cover of the U2 song, “Running to Stand Still,” that stopped me in my tracks. Good? So good that I had to immediately buy the mp3.
chintan Wake up and smell the coffee! I am always trying to figure out how to make a better first cup. I have experimented with different roasts, coffee machines, percolating techniques, everything. Now I realize that the quality of water is as important as anything else, when seeking the perfect cup of java. I am totally digging our new reverse osmosis filter which makes my coffee taste absolutely awesome!
dany My husband and I just purchased an 11’3” x 15’, 50-year-old (or more?) rug. Three things came of this: 1) We finally have the living room rug with just the right amount of wear I was looking for, 2) we made new friends (the couple we bought the rug from), and, 3) I now know how to correctly hand-wash a wool rug! The cleaner quoted me $675.00, and now I know why.Don’t try it yourself, unless you have an entire day to work on it (plus one day to recover); have up to three days it to dry; have a large, clean, flattish area outdoors to work on; and—I can’t stress this enough—a good, clean, floor squeegee.
elena I’ve been inspired these past 30 days by the extreme behind-kicking that is “Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred.” Am I sore? Yes. Do I have to turn the sound off because the chatter is driving me up the wall? Yes. Am I pushing myself to my limits? OH MY GOODNESS, YES. I took my measurements before and after, and lost 4” total around my waist and hips, not to mention five pounds! At only 25 minutes a day, this program completely delivers what it promises. Next up, her “Ripped in 30” workout. I don’t think I’ll ever be ripped. But stronger? I’ll take it.
frank History, ghosts, and tradition. Visit Bradley Lock and Key in Savannah, Georgia. Their doors unlocked in 1883. No website. They don’t need one. That’s 130 years of word-of-mouth. There’s a cannon in the shop and, what’s more, the stools that were occupied during a peaceful civil rights sit-in at McCrory’s, purchased at a buck a-piece prior to demolition . . . all keep the story alive.
kevin Inspiration doesn’t get any better than summer. With 52 days left, I am focused on making each sunny day count before autumn sets in. I took a rafting day trip, paddling 10 miles on the Delaware River Run, that included scenic views, wildlife, fresh air, and a cool swim. Run, jump, dive, or just walk. It’s summer . . . make it count!
matt You may be as tired of 3D movies as I am. But what if your friends still love them and invite you to join them? Pick up's clever invention. These glasses allow you to view a 3D theater movie —in 2D. It reduces the eye strain and headaches that some 3D-movie-goers experience. You may still have to pay the 3D ticket price to see the movie with your friends, but you will have a more comfortable experience.
nicole I’m inspired by a new great reading find! Law of Attraction is a magazine based on well-being—physically, financially, and spiritually. With articles ranging from “Conscious Money” to “Empowerment and How To Re-Train Your Brain,” it encompasses a diverse number of topics. Definitely on my must-read monthly list!
ram I like being in the laboratory—Gmail Labs, that is. Gmail users can enable experimental features, and suggestions come from both Gmail users and from people at Google. When you sign in to Gmail, you’ll see a tab under Settings called Labs. It has a list of features that can each be enabled or disabled, although they might not be permanent. In the meantime you can supercharge and personalize your Gmail experience. My personal favorites: Inserting images, Mark as Read Button, Undo Send, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, and the Unread Message Icon.
rebecca Singularity is a “semantic” grid framework for building responsive websites by Team-Sass on github. Singularity is based on internal rather than context-based ratios, which allow for better gutter consistency across breakpoints. Ratio-based math also allows for non-uniform grids in any unit you want to use.
sara I’m an avid supporter of our future engineers. But because I’m a woman (and a feminist), I don’t just want more engineers, I want more female engineers! That’s why Debbie Sterling created Goldie Blox, the first engineering toy focused on inspiring and educating our girls! The first set is available for purchase on their website and in numerous toy stores, and teaches girls about belt drive systems. And if that wasn’t enough to excite you, then check out this awesome commercial of girls rioting in the Toys ‘R’ Us pink aisle!
tripura I am about to finish the last part of the Shiva Trilogy and I just can't wait! The books are so interesting that even a light reader may like it. The story is set in the backdrop of the Indus Valley civilization, which recalls my schooldays and social studies class. I appreciate the way the author describes the mythological characters as mere human beings with no extra powers.
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