The things we’re loving in December

by PRITeam

Every month we share some of the things we’re currently obsessing over. Songs we can’t stop humming, a movie we’re still thinking about two weeks later, the best article we’ve read recently, a recipe to die for. The things that make us stop in our tracks and say “Yeah!”

Wild about Harry Boy Wizard: A Musical!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Are you a Glee fan? Either way, it's a win-win situation when Glee's new star Darren Criss stars in A Very Potter Musical (not to mention, A Very Potter Sequel). Darren is not only the title character, but wrote much of the music as well. Longtime Potter fan Elena Nazzaro absolutely loves this fan tribute, but warns that viewers should know the entire storyline of the books before watching to avoid spoilers. It will have you rolling on the floor like Malfoy. It's better than karaoke night down at the Hog's Head!

Movember Things are Getting Hairy

Matt Wenner salutes the past month of Movember (think Mustache + November), when his favorite hockey team all grew mustaches for a good cause. The Washington Capitals and other players raised money for men's cancer issues, and also served as a throwback to old-time hockey when mustaches were all the rage.

To the rescue Refreshing the Giving Spirit

It’s always cool to see a big corporation using its exposure to promote a good cause. So our resident animal lover Nichole Chobin has really gotten behind Pepsi’s Refresh Everything campaign because The Humane Society of the United States is a finalist to win $250,000. The campaign’s use of social media to spread the word makes us all love it even more!

True crime Facts That Read Like Fantastic Fiction

This compelling article in the December 2010 Vanity Fair gripped Frank Mendelson. This the true story—which reads like a Travis McGee novel—profiles a tenacious private detective in Florida named Ken Brennan, who identifies and tracks down a serial rapist. Frank’s only complaint to VF this month: he almost needed a private eye to find the table of contents in the print issue!

Colors in motion Video: Colors, Music and Motion

This video on is just so watchable that Allyson Murphy had to play it three times in a row when she first saw it. The finished project is gorgeous, but to think that each frame is a hand-painted watercolor is almost mind blowing. The “Breakbot” song is pretty catchy too. It reminds her of Jamiroquai’s hits (and equally impressive videos.)

A brainy insight A Stroke of Genius

Dany Petraska first heard Jill Bolte Taylor on NPR a year or two ago and was just floored by her story. Taylor had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions—motion, speech, self-awareness—shut down one by one. She’s written a book about it, speaks publicly about her ordeal, and of course, Oprah got hold of the story too. Dany had been thinking about her story recently and looked her up on Dany says, “Yes, I want to live in my right brain.”

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