It’s so easy! Share your screen using Skype

At PRI, we’ve been devoted users of Skype for years. A free Skype feature you might not know about has increased our productivity: sharing your computer screen. While we also use GoToMeeting, this makes for a much quicker way to share your work with another individual, as you discuss it. It also saves a lot of time you’d ordinarily spend by creating and emailing screen captures. And best of all—any changes, clicks, or work you do on your screen is updated in real time!

Skype Screensharing in action 

Elena's screen on Allyson’s desktop.

Skype Display Options 

Skype gives you the option of which screen (and how much of it) to share.

How to Share Your Screen

Make a Skype call as you would normally: select the person to whom you wish to talk to in your Contacts list, and click “Call.”

When you’re connected and the new window opens, choose “Share” and then “Screen.” If you have a dual monitor setup, you have the option to choose which one you want to share. There’s also the option to share just a portion of your screen—helpful when you want a quick consultation on something in progress, without needing to do housekeeping on your entire desktop. Click and share away!

Screensharing in action. 

What I see when I share my screen: my screen is at the bottom.

How to View Someone Else’s Screen

For those of you on the viewing end: When the other person shares her screen with you, a new window opens automatically. Click the arrows or magnifying glass to make the window full screen so that you can get the full effect—it’s not useful if you can’t see it!

The person sharing her screen sees a thumbnail like the one above. This way you know just how much you’re sharing, and what the other person is seeing.

Share Both Screens!
If you’re feeling courageous, both callers can share their screens at the same time. This could be really helpful when administering settings where you want to troubleshoot or make sure each person’s screens match up correctly with the same settings. Just make sure you know which screen you’re editing and which one belongs to your coworker. This works best with dual monitors.

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