September inspirations

by PRITeam

Share in the things that we found educational, delightful and inspirational over the past month — from fine type to country fairs, real stories of exceeding one's personal best, the newly hatched and the oft' re-read. And more!

allyson Attention type nerds! You think you know how to kern? Test your skills on this beautiful, interactive game. It’s super fun on the iPad too. And then go ahead and brag about your nearly perfect score (like I did).
dany It’s fair season! Last weekend I went to the Cornish Fair in New Hampshire, and plan to hit a couple more over the next month or so. Where else do you find such quaintness? The big raffle prize at the Cornish Fair was a truckload of firewood (second place was a smaller truckload of firewood). We took a helicopter ride, watched the Flying High Frisbee Dogs, the Free-for-All Oxen Pull contest, bought homemade fudge, and ate homemade Moose Tracks and Black Raspberry ice cream. Next: The Tunbridge World’s Fair September 12-15, and the Peru Fair September 28. Find fairs where you live too!
elena My family and I were riveted these past few days by the 110-mile swim of Diana Nyad, the absolutely amazing woman who just completed her lifelong dream of swimming nonstop from Cuba to Florida. What’s even more inspiring is that she’s 64 years old. Think about that—she attempted the swim at age 30, didn’t swim again until age 60 when she saw nobody else had managed to do it, and tried four more times before finally achieving her goal. Upon reaching the beach, she said, “I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up. Two is, you never are too old to chase your dreams. And three is, it looks like a solitary sport but it's a team.” And if all that isn’t inspiration enough for you, check out her TED talks.
frank Life crawls into ocean. They moved, I was moved. By the light of the moon, and the sound of the waves, and under the protection of the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project, I watched as newly hatched loggerhead turtles made their way down the beach into the ocean surf. The volunteers commanded me: “Stop. Stop walking. Stop! No, no flash photography, the light will confuse them, they are responding to the moonlight.”
nichole I’m inspired by a great book that I’ve read and reread many times. It never gets old or goes out of style: Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, by Anne Wilson Schaef. It provides a famous—and inspirational—quote for each day of the year, for women like me. They each also include a statement and interpretation of the words, which is a nice added touch.
rebecca As a vegan lady, I have found there is a learning curve when it comes to preparing some of the ingredients. One blog that I frequent for easy recipe ideas and great step-by-step instructions is (the always entertaining) Vegan Zombie. It’s a great place for beginner vegans to start (every recipe is delicious, including many comfort foods) or for regular vegetarians to find vegan recipe alternatives. I have recommended it to many people asking me for recipes and have always wished that they would come out with a cookbook. I am happy to announce that the Vegan Zombie Cookbook is in the process of actually happening thanks to their kickstarter, and I can’t wait to buy my copy!
sara This weekend we visited the Liberty Science Center, for NJ FTC Volunteer Appreciation Day. It’s been many years since I last visited, and I forgot how much fun the museum can be with all of its hands-on activities, and well-designed exhibits. We made a 5-foot bubble sheet, raced toy cars using solar power, played our own Jenga game using cardboard boxes, even built my friend into a notched, wooden house! The trip was a great reminder not to take life too seriously—who says you have to grow up!?
tripura Calvin from Bill Waterson’s cartoon Calvin and Hobbes has always inspired me back to life whenever I am not so much into it . . . his silly comments take me back to my childhood. I simply adore Calvin, and I keep searching for more comic strips, so I was more than happy to come across this blog, from which life's lessons are derived from his silly comments.
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