March inspirations

by PRITeam

Every month we share some of the things we’re currently obsessing over. Songs we can’t stop humming, a movie we’re still thinking about two weeks later, the best article we’ve read recently, a recipe to die for. The things that make us stop in our tracks and say “Yeah!”

Breath Deep Relax 

Chintan Parikh has been taking things easy by practicing three-step rhythmic breathing, or 3SRB. “3SRB is an ancient technique of breathing which calms the mind and brings total physical, emotional and mental health in our body-brain system.”

Power to the people! Power to the People! 

Frank J. Mendelson is inspired by power to the people this past month. “The people on the street, the people in the squares. The people rallying for freedom over tyranny. Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya. I am inspired.”

Die-Hard Knitter Baby Booties 

Allyson Murphy has been a die-hard knitter and crocheter for years, but now that she (and almost everyone she knows) has a new baby or one on the way, she’s been searching for great patterns and project ideas. As a result, she’s been taking advantage of her membership on, an online community of yarn crafters. Almost as inspiring as the great patterns and finished product photos is the story behind the site. A knitting blogger and a programmer saw the need for a web-based gathering place, and as they say, “If you build it, they will come!”

Appreciation A Diva-licious Haircut 

One of our resident curly girls, Elena Nazzaro, is singing the praises of her new haircut. The Deva cut is the brainchild of Lorraine Massey, who is the curly girl’s guru. She realized that since curly hair is not like regular hair, it shouldn’t be cut the same way either. Every cut is different, and the stylist cuts your hair based on your curl pattern. Everything, from the products you use, to the way you dry it, is different than everything you’ve ever heard. You can see the big reveal here.

Kindle Book Light Kindle Must-Have 

Dany Petraska is head-over-heels for her new Kindle book light! It runs off the power from the Kindle rather than having its own batteries. And, did you know there were little holes on the left side of your Kindle and that they just “hook” right into the Kindle cover to connect to the light? Outstanding!

Appreciation The Kindness of Strangers 

Nichole Chobin has been inspired recently by the kindness of strangers in taking that extra step to help someone else. Sometimes the simplest act or perhaps following your gut when it comes to helping others can be the most rewarding thing in life.

Christopher Nolan Director’s Cut 

Matt Wenner is inspired by the early work of one of his favorite directors, Christopher Nolan. Nolan’s script-writing ability and capacity to balance a complex narrative structure in 1998’s The Following succeeded even then, and can be seen in more recent films that have achieved more popular acclaim, like Memento and more recently, Inception.

Stance Designer Toy DIY Designer Toys 

Kevin Williams is a big fan of STANCE designer toys by Delroy Dennisur. With their first line of products, artists can re-create their favorite pair of Jordan's that they wish they still had; or design a new colorway for that sneaker that you’ve always wanted to see. "Designing sneakers doesn't appeal to me, but designing other toys opens a whole new window of creativity."

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