November inspirations

by PRITeam

Even as the days grow shorter, our interests grow wider. Join us, won’t you, as we share what excites our imagination -- from hand lettering instruction delivered online, romance and US history, brilliant acting, the wonders of nature -- and just plain fun.

allyson inspiration Inspired by my colleagues’ interest in Skillshare classes last month, I signed up to take a hand-lettering basics course. Finding time as a working mom to squeeze in the lessons has been the biggest challenge, but it’s been great to really spend time with a pencil and sketchbook after long days at the computer. It’s brought back fond memories of college typography courses and their importance.
dany inspiration My friend Larry told me the story of how he met his wife back in the 1930s. They were young, she was beautiful. The first thing she said was, “I’m not allowed to hang out with CCC boys.”

“Wait, what’s a CCC boy?” I asked. The Civilian Conservation Corps changed his life, you could tell by the way he talked about his time there. Larry and Iris ended up together in spite of her parent’s admonition, had nine children and a long, happy marriage. Larry died October 8 at the age of 89. I’m inspired by Larry and all the CCC boys. Hear Larry in his own words from the VPR documentary, “Those CCC Boys,” made when Larry was 84. Or read the transcript (pdf).

elena inspiration I can’t get over how enormously talented Rowan Atkinson is. He’s known to the world as Mr. Bean, but I’ve been on a huge Blackadder kick lately. Each season takes place in a different era, with the all-star cast playing their own descendants: Stephen Fry, Miranda Richardson, and best of all, Hugh Laurie—if you’ve only seen him play Dr. Gregory House on House, you’ll love his incredibly goofy take on Prince George. One of my favorite silly episodes from Season 2: “Potato.”
frank inspiration I am inspired by the beauty that exists somewhere between what’s real and what’s abstract, and the constant conversation between ocean and shore that whispers “impermanence is a constant.”
kevin inspiration I am truly inspired by the innovation of the Landfill Harmonic and the Recycled Orchestra.
nichole inspiration Awe-inspired by the aerobatics, visually stunning set, and musical score created by U2’s Bono and the Edge for the broadway show Spiderman—Turn Off the Dark. The innovation and theatrics are astounding. Not only were the kids jaw-dropped, so was I. Felt like a kid again when leaving the theater with a huge smile on my face. Broadway always leaves me feeling alive, at peace, and happy. There’s something about live performances combined with the energy of New York City that always reminds you that you are alive and there is much to enjoy out there.
rebecca inspiration The other day I dug out my old Atari Lynx and brushed off the 1989 dust and was swept away to 16-bit heaven staring into the old color LCD. I am so glad this one didn’t get tossed into the garage sale pile because it’s still super fun to play!
sara inspiration I’ve been teaching my robotics team about the importance of consistency in branding and identity. We create and distribute fliers, brochures, letters, banners, etc. and all of our materials need to look like they came from the same team. As I was scouring the Internet for examples to share, I stumbled over this beautiful Behance project for Pigmentpol, a digital printing company in Germany. The choices for their new identity system are bold and exciting. The creative overlap of colors with various blending modes is smart and modern, and the typography in their invitations and business cards is clean, crisp, and stunning. Wow. Just wow.
tripura inspiration I am inspired by early mornings! Since I shifted my base to my parent’s house, I am waking up early to welcome a whole new day and see the sun rise, while getting ready for work. Those few minutes building the foundation for a cheerful and active day. There is nothing like an early morning walk in the dew!!!
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