ShipmentHQ’s single-page website solution: On trend and on target

onepageShipmentHQ needed an effective method of walking the visitor through their extraordinary service: delivering refunds to high-volume shippers. Late delivery? Lost boxes? Damaged contents? ShipmentHQ audits a business’s invoices and processes the claims. Next? A check arrives in the mail (and they keep coming)!

PRI recognized that ShipmentHQ’s story is new, and recommended a fresh approach to explain their service. Using powerful, relevant, yet minimal content, the single-page, vertical-scroll layout essentially walks the visitor through their story. PRI also included a rotating testimonial feature to deliver important information in a single space.

Is a Single-Page Website for Everyone?
For websites with minimal, single-topic, highly focused content, a single page website can provide ease of maintenance, improved Google rankings, and speedy navigation through that content. This works for’s content, which is presented in a single, organized format so users can quickly understand the service, get help if needed, make decisions, and take action.

The single-page parallax scrolling format can be highly effective in the right context, and can also work as one page within a larger, multiple-page website. The single-page website trend is gaining considerable popularity, so it’s important to research—and seek professional advice if necessary—the myriad solutions for presenting a website and its contents. It’s all about the end-user. Visit to experience what we mean.

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