December inspirations

by PRITeam

It's warm. It's cool. And it's everything in-between. The PRI crew shares a bit of what's been inspiring us this month. Join us in sharing yours, won't you?

allyson inspiration The new winter go-to meal in our house: Spicy Lentil Daal. This vegan dinner comes together in no time and is packed with protein. We eat it with rice or quinoa, store-bought naan, or just on its own.
chintan inspiration Now that is what you call a game changer. Amazon plans to offer 30 minute package deliveries within the next 4 to 5 years. Never thought this could take place in my lifetime, but if it comes true it will have implications across the entire supply chain and logistics industries over the next 20 years.
elena inspiration I love the concept behind Healing Helpers! This family and faith-based business retrofits stuffed animals to have surgeries that match their recipients’ injuries and needs. The mission of Healing Helpers is to "provide a means of comfort for individuals as they cope with medical or emotional situations. Our 'Healing Helpers' physically relate with the person who adopts them, with a zipper pouch in the place of a scar and a mended organ representing their own. It is our desire to provide a service that brings hope and happiness to individuals and families that live with difficult circumstances." You can even sponsor a Healing Helper for a child in need. How inspiring!
frank inspiration LED light bulbs. They’re cool. No, I really mean it, they are cool—to the touch. This is important to me, after we smelled smoke (no fire) from the smouldering, dried out cardboard insulator on an old light fixture, caused by the heat from an (old-fashioned) incandescent bulb. Had to call the fire department, and four firetrucks showed up. About a dozen firemen poured into the house carrying hatchets and crowbars. Now we are changing out all our bulbs. It’s cool.
kevin inspiration I love history. Dining at Union Oyster House in Boston was a blast from the past. Established in 1826, it is one of the oldest operating restaurants in the United States and the oldest in Boston. The restaurant claims that the toothpick was popularized here after a businessman imported the picks from South America and paid Harvard University students to dine at the restaurant and request the convenient teeth-cleaning tools.
rebecca inspiration For this hectic holiday month, my inspiration is "earthscape artist" Andres Amador. Based out of San Francisco, Amador uses nature to create beautiful, fleeting, temporary, artscapes. Using a variety of rakes as his paintbrushes he makes temporary geometrical art on the beaches that are cleared by the tide. If you are having a stressful day watch him create his lovely illustrations on this vimeo.
sara inspiration Robots on parade! This year, for the first time ever, a robot cut the ribbon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And not just any robot, but a robot built by a FIRST team from Texas. They, and four other FIRST teams from across the country (including one from right here in New Jersey), then got to lead the parade right through the center of New York City. Check out the video of the teams reaching Herald Square or this Facebook photo album of the robots on parade. Highlight of my Thanksgiving (and the rest of my year) for sure! Photo by Adriana M. Groisman
tripura inspiration I have taken up Yoga and enjoying my sessions greatly. The relaxing and soothing effect is surprising. One can only know the bliss once experienced. So, do give it a try!
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