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top-10We’ve had a great time thinking, writing, and sharing ideas over the past year.

At year-end, we thought we’d take a little break from writing a new post, and instead highlight the top 10 posts that received the most interest.

Why voracious readers make better designers
Being an insatiable Reader is more than just plain old fun. Arguably, it can prepare you to be a great graphic designer.
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Designer’s roundtable: PRI’s design team weighs in on Yahoo!’s new logo
After 30 days of previewing logos, Yahoo! finally presented their new logo design. PRI’s design team—Elena Nazzaro, Allyson Murphy, Dany Petraska, Rebecca Terranova, and Sara Reffler—weigh in on what they felt worked and what didn’t.
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Cloud hosting: Selecting the right option
Choosing where to host your website can be difficult given all the available options. The most cost-effective and scalable solution points toward using cloud-based servers. To help explain the differences between the three main hosting options let’s start with soda.
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What a handful of Goldfish crackers can teach about estimating time
How good of an estimator are you? Can you size up a project and accurately guesstimate the time and resources it will take to complete? When you see a glass, is it half full of Goldfish crackers or half empty?
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Dale Carnegie’s first golden rule
Rules are meant to be obeyed. A brief parsing of Dale Carnegie’s golden rule on becoming a friendlier person.
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Give your ALL: Client courtesy before a holiday
Keep your clients in-the-know on holiday closings.
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Great design does not come automatically
You can’t simply stretch and resize a design to fit different versions. With a little preplanning, we can anticipate all your needs.
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The struggle to be understood
Two essential elements to are the ability to be clear and concise. The better they work together, the more likely you will be understood.
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Duly noted: Breaking news from Las Vegas!
PRI was on the scene in Las Vegas at the 2013 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference.
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Just because I say it’s so
We need copy editors. The more we write, the more likely that our mistakes either become embedded in an historical record, or originate from a mistake made elsewhere.
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