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Preparing your Photoshop mock-ups for the big hand-off

I have to admit it, I’m guilty. Many designers like myself have handed a Photoshop mockup to a developer for a web application, that is, quite frankly, a hot mess.

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Wireframing: The crucial first step in your new website

At PRI, all of our web, mobile, and app projects start with a fundamental process called wireframing. It’s an important step that sets us on a path to a successful finished piece. But what does it mean, exactly? And why bother?

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Creating custom QR codes for designers

A few months back, we shared a primer on 2D barcodes—more commonly known as QR codes—that are quickly becoming ubiquitous in print and web marketing. We’re sure by now you’ve seen the little black and white boxes in your daily life. They’re on store windows, magazine ads, packaged goods, and more. We’ve even spotted them on bananas at the PRI office!

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10 steps to digging deep into a client’s world

Many of our clients fit into niche industries—legal and financial are the most prevalent. However, we are often approached by businesses serving areas of the market that are new to us. To serve our clients, we need to know about their market, their competition, and what differentiates our client from others. That’s when competitive analysis is most important.

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Scan me: A 2D barcode primer

Have you noticed those strange, boxy barcode images? They are everywhere. They are on signs at the mall. They are on posters in your commuter train. They are on products at the grocery store. Where did they come from, and what do they do?

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I’ll be back: Taking leave as a professional

Employee: I am requesting a leave of three months.
Employer: Oh, really? A maternity leave?
Employee: No, I was chosen to participate in a reality show. I’ll be back.

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Video: Creating and uploading custom Twitter backgrounds

Twitter provides the perfect way to give your clients, colleagues, and potential customers up-to-the-minute updates about you and your business. The use of a customized graphic can you make your profile stand out from the competition and reinforce the visual design of your online branding.

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Top tips for work-at-home success

More and more offices are becoming virtual. Companies are allowing employees to job share. Some are eliminating physical space all together. Others are choosing to “go green” and save the many resources office buildings consume.

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