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How to get the most out of the content you already have

Purpose and repurpose. In public speaking, you want to perfect one great presentation, and get in front of as many new audiences as possible. The same can be said of online content. In order to maintain a steady flow of high-value content you can often rework existing content to suit different communication channels, including your website, blogs, and social media.

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Great design does not come automatically

We often get requests to take a design we created for one use, and adapt it for another use. An example would be an ad in one size to another size. The more we know from the onset about the various uses a client envisions, the better. For example, it’s fairly obvious that this Mona Lisa will take some new design work to adapt:

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Spam Filters: Making Friends Out of Enemies

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I’m still standing

At PRI we use computers. Our computers are on a desk and we sit in front of them.

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Social media—All together now

Although it may feel like Facebook and Twitter are taking over old-fashioned email, they’re actually not . . . yet. You still need all three and email still leads the pack for most users. However, more and more, who uses what is based on personality types, rather than demographics such as age and income alone. So, rather than trying to decipher where your future customers are coming from, why not start with what you already have and start crossing the lines between email (i.e., subscribers), Facebook, and Twitter?

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You might be procrastinating right now

My article is late. My article is due and so far I have almost two sentences once I type the period for this sentence I'm ... writing ... now. Ta da! Two sentences down!

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Practicing ‘safe send’: How to ensure you’re receiving those important emails

You’ve seen the notice in marketing emails you receive; it usually says something like, “Please add our email address to your safe senders list.” They’re suggesting this so you’ll actually receive the emails and not have them dumped into a spam folder, or filtered out completely.

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Booking business travel online: Avoid those sneaky extras

We’ve all experienced unexpected extra fees when you arrive at the airport. That flight you thought was such a great deal all of a sudden costs another $25 each way* for your first checked-in bag, and up to $35 for a second bag. Want to choose which seat you sit in? That can cost up to $109 extra!

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