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Why voracious readers make better designers

I grew up in a house of Readers, and now I am proud to say I’m helping raise the next generation of Readers. We are the ones who have a well-used library card, who always have a book in hand, and have to keep a slip of paper on the fridge to keep track of them all. We share them, trade them with friends, and in my house, reading under the covers with a book light is greatly encouraged.

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Quick fix: Using em dashes online

The em dash vs the hyphen and what to do when WordPress automatically changes it, whether you like it or not.

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Be true to your brand: How to choose the right image for the job

Whether you are a graphic designer, a content manager, or on your company’s marketing team, choosing the right image to complement your company’s message is an important job. There’s a reason the old adage insists that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It is one of the main things your audience will connect with.

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What a handful of Goldfish crackers can teach about estimating time

How good of an estimator are you? Can you size up a project and accurately guesstimate the time and resources it will take to complete? When you see a glass, is it half full of Goldfish crackers or half empty?

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Sharpening the pencil

In my house we do a lot of drawing. I’ve lost track of the number of pencils and related art supplies that are floating around—in kitchen drawers, in a mug on a desk, mixed in with the markers and crayons—I’ve probably come across one or two on a bathroom window sill (I don’t want to know why). But sooner or later, they all end up in the same place: at the electric pencil sharpener on the kitchen counter.

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Quick fixes: Shrink a PDF file-size

Welcome to Quick Fixes, where we share tips about working faster, smarter, and better. Today’s quick fix: Making a cumbersome PDF smaller without touching the source file.

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The ultimate resolution

Fans of The Princess Bride are well familiar with Vizzini’s cry of “Inconceivable!” He uses it so many times that his henchman, swordfighting master Inigo Montoya remarks, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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How to take a break and increase your productivity

There are loads of articles praising productivity. They explain how to pack more into your workday, multi-multi-task, and squeeze every minute of every day until every last drop of work can be extracted.

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Three ways a good designer can learn from selling Girl Scout cookies

It’s that time of year again—the wonderful time when small uniformed girls* make their way around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and holding out colorful glossy brochures. Before most of them can say, “Hello, would you like to buy some G—”, the pages are grabbed eagerly from their hands and the recipient yells back into the house, “Hey! How many boxes of Thin Mints** are we getting this year?” while scanning the page for this year’s cookie selection***.

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